Project: Playtime tips for Survivor role-play

Project: Playtime is the multiplayer spin-off of the famous horror game Poppy Playtime. 6 players work together against hordes of terrifying monsters in the company Playtime Co., and the 7th player will take on the role of a monster, making this a 6v1 survival horror game.

Players can explore the Playtime factory as Huggy Wuggy, Boxy Boo, and Mommy Long Legs, hunting down survivors as they attempt to craft a toy and escape the factory. Besides, as Survivors, gamers still need to successfully escape from the abandoned toy factory in the pursuit of monsters.

In this article, let’s discover Project: Playtime tips for Survivor role-play!

Project: Playtime tips for Survivor role-play

Tips for Survivor role-play in Project: Playtime

Normally, the player would want to grab the grab pack, but the reality is that it doesn’t save everyone from the monster. Instead, after leaving the carriage, there will be an easter egg that provides a Glock Pack to survive.

How to Unlock Glock Pack

Players need to press w > a > d > s > c > v > s > u > s > s > y > o > o > o first, then have to press Alt + F4. There is a high chance that everyone will exit the game, but don’t worry, if you master the technique, you will activate a number pad right next to the call button. Enter code 1111 and the player will unlock Gunny Wunny (Glock Pack).

How to Unlock Glock Pack- Project: Playtime tips for Survivor role-play

Use a Glock Pack to fire a shot at Huggy that will stun it for a short time. The risk is that doing the puzzle columns will make a lot of noise, so be careful.

How to avoid the monster

As a survivor, it’s hard to avoid monster toys, but gamers can do a lot to evade danger.

  • Crouch: Whenever crouching, the character will be completely invisible to the monster. Use this to your advantage when discovered.
  • Locker: Lockers can provide hiding places for teammates. Monsters cannot open cabinets without a key, a very rare item that can only be found.
  • Run: Monsters are quite slow because they have different strange shapes. They ran slower than survivors and wheezed as if they were tired.
How to avoid the monster- Project: Playtime tips for Survivor role-play

The monster cannot legally kill Survivor without consent and can be taken to court. Remember, if someone touches you in a way or place that makes people uncomfortable, that’s not good, say no. Go into a potty and say “occupied”, the monster will wait patiently and Survivor can escape through the vent.

Above are two useful tips for playing Survivors role-play in Project Playtime. Wish you success. If you have any good ideas, please share them in the comments section below!

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