Ragnarok Online – Notes for leveling up a powerful Archer

Archers are the profession that many gamers admire the most when they are new to Ragnarok Online because they cause significant damage combined with extremely long attack range, but also last a long time.

With the advantage of using bow and arrow weapons, Archers can level up faster than other professions by defeating high-level monsters many times earlier. So what is the best way to unleash the power of these ranged warriors? Here are a few notes to help you level up this character faster.

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Notes for leveling up a powerful Archer in Ragnarok Online

Notes for leveling up a powerful Archer in Ragnarok Online- Ragnarok Online - Notes for leveling up a powerful Archer

The strengths and drawbacks of Archers

Just like any other profession, Archers have strengths and weaknesses. But the strengths seem to outweigh the drawbacks, especially in the early game.


  • Long-range attacks to defeat monsters easily before they get too close.
  • Arrows with different attributes can be used, which gives a great advantage, as the attributes will have different effects on each type of monster.
  • Level up fast and easily.
  • Fast fire rate, high dodging ability when stacking points on AGI/DEX.
  • This drunk will have an important role in the siege war (War of Emperium).


  • It will cost money to buy a name. Although not too expensive, Archer is not a rich career.
  • Paper and stamina are weak, easy to board when being cranked even when AGI is high.
  • No variety in skill selection.

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The strengths and drawbacks of Archers- Ragnarok Online - Notes for leveling up a powerful Archer

Effect of key stats on Archers


STR increases damage to melee weapons so there’s not much need to grow this stat. Gamers can do this a bit to carry more health potions or arrows, but in general, STR is an often overlooked stat.


AGI is an important stat for Archers because although it has low resistance, they still live well thanks to high evasion combined with long-range attacks. Not only that, increasing AGI also rises Attack Speed. If you switch from Archer to Hunter, AGI needs to be even more focused, at least this stat must be above 70 to level up comfortably.


DEX increases the accuracy of attacks, while helping to maintain stable damage, reducing the damage difference between hits. DEX helps expand damage for ranged weapons, so for Archers, DEX is a top investment indicator. DEX also reduces the speed of casting spells and using skills.


INT increases magic damage and maximum SP, also natural or item SP recovery. This is an indicator to invest in for those who like to use skills continuously, such as Twin Arrows. Later, when switching from Archer to Hunter, INT continued to play a big role when it came to affecting the damage of traps and Falcons.


LUK increases absolute dodge and critical damage abilities. This stat will be needed if the player later wants to follow the Hunter path that specializes in Falcon or critical damage.


VIT increases resistance to physical damage, increases maximum HP, and resistance to bad effects, also reducing their duration and increasing HP recovery rate. VIT will be important in PvP and WoE but not too necessary if only leveling up to fight monsters.

VIT- Ragnarok Online - Notes for leveling up a powerful Archer

How to use DEX and AGI/DEX Archers

Pure DEX Archer

These archers can boost damage and shoot quite well from long distances, but at the same time, they are more likely to die due to poor resistance and bad dodging. The best way is to attack, move, and then attack again. Remember to practice the “shoot and run” strategy to kill monsters before they get close. The way to level up this level is to raise the DEX to the maximum and focus on the Twin Arrows to limit the monsters that can get close.

AGI/DEX Archers 

These archers have good damage, and high survivability due to the classic dodging, which is most suitable for new players. You should increase a lot on Owl’s Eye, Vulture’s Eye, and attack distance, not just focus on Twin Arrows.

In addition to DEX and AGI, players can choose to invest a little in INT or LUCK to increase their critical damage.

AGI/DEX Archers - Ragnarok Online - Notes for leveling up a powerful Archer

Training place

  • Apprentices from levels 1 to 10 should just hang around in the training academy or go out to Prontera to hunt Porings. It is necessary to have a sufficient amount of wood ready to complete the tasks assigned by the Archers Guild when leveling up from Apprentice to Archer.
  • From 10 to 25, you need to buy some Silver Arrows, available at the shop next to the Payon dungeon entrance, and then go to the dungeon to hunt for Zombies, Skeletons, or Poporing.
  • From 25 to 40 is the time to focus on Concentration and Arrow Rain skills. At this point, the best place to level up is the Orc cave. You will need to buy Silver Arrows because the monsters here are mainly Undead species, and Silver Arrows deal much more damage. There are a lot of monsters here, so you can farm freely without fear of being stomped on. You can also hunt monsters outside the Orc village if you like. The monsters here are also crowded but need to use Fire Arrows for higher damage.
  • Between levels 40 and 55, hunt the Greatest General in the forest east of Payon. This group stood still, so it would be a good bait for Archer’s gunnery. It’s not ideal to use Fire or Silver Arrows.

With the above notes, hopefully, gamers will have new steps in leveling up a powerful Archer in Ragnarok Online. Thank you for reading!

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