Shooting tips in T3 Arena

T3 Arena is a fast-paced 3v3 shooter in which the players will automatically team up with 3 random people to join the battlefield or invite their friends to fight. This game will offer different game modes to play, along with 14 heroes that can be selected and upgraded, providing a unique gameplay experience.

To make the game easier, let’s explore some shooting tips in T3 Arena to enhance the experience!

Shooting tips in T3 Arena

Shooting tips in T3 Arena

Set control layout

Players can change the layout of the controls if they want to shoot manually instead of automatically. Players can move certain buttons to another location on the screen to create a custom layout that suits them. In this way, it will help players adapt to the layout most comfortably.

There are numerous layouts to try: regular layouts, 2-finger layouts, 3-finger layouts, and custom layouts for those who want to redefine the whole thing.

Set control layout- Shooting tips in T3 Arena

Mastery of Heroes

There are a total of 14 heroes in T3 Arena to choose from. In some cases, if there are multiple heroes, the first thing to do is learn their characteristics, along with the weapons they use. Before entering the battle, there is a game mode called Practice to discover all about a hero.

Upgrade the heroes properly

Hero upgrades come with a lot of benefits, such as increased health and defense, as well as the damage they deal to enemies. This action is rather important as players progress, as the matches become more difficult, so if you upgrade your hero, everyone will be able to easily confront the enemy and win the game.

Upgrade the heroes properly- Shooting tips in T3 Arena

Open the Rumble box

Opening the Rumble box will reward players with many things, like T-coins, hero upgrade cores, and even normal or rare heroes. Players can get every rare hero from this box, although the odds are not high.

The Rumble Box can be obtained for free every day by entering the shop or participating in battles and completing quests to receive battle points to level up equipment.

Open the Rumble box- Shooting tips in T3 Arena

Master the map

Mastering the map helps gamers get to a location faster so they can defend themselves against enemy attacks, as well as know the first-aid locations and where the enemy might come from.

The map of T3 Arena is not too big since it is a 3v3 shooter, so knowing the map to quickly use every facility provided will make it much easier for players to win.

These are picked-up shooting tips in T3 Arena players need to know to master this 3v3 game. Hopefully, they are useful to you. Thank you and see you in the next post!

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