Summoners War Chronicles: Guide on summoning scrolls

Summoners War Chronicles is another hit game from the company Com2uS. It’s interesting that the game intentionally created a lot of heroes to accompany the summoners. The player is greatly aided by various skill sets and abilities that the character possesses when fighting Tefo.

For this game, the scroll is one of the most important components, because you will receive heroes from these scrolls. There are different types of rolls, from legendary ones to 4-to-5-star hero characters. The Transcendent Scroll is the best scroll that allows summoning five-star monsters. In addition, there are light and dark scrolls, unknown scrolls, and mystical scrolls. Therefore, players should collect as many scrolls as possible to own the best monsters.

The following article will guide you about summoning scrolls in Summoners War Chronicles.

Summoners War Chronicles: Guide on summoning scrolls

Guide on summoning scrolls in Summoners War Chronicles

Types of summoning scrolls

Legendary Scroll

Summoning some legendary heroes with 4-5 stars can be done using lore scrolls. These monsters, ranked among the most terrible in terms of strength, attack with a variety of skills that raise their attack stats against enemy soldiers.

Super roll

The best roll in the whole game is Super roll. Likewise, these are extremely difficult to obtain as they allow them to call only the highest rated monsters with a 5 star rating. These heroes are the best to ever appear in the game and have the best skills, powers, and abilities.

Super roll- Summoners War Chronicles: Guide on summoning scrolls

Light scroll and dark scroll

The Light and Dark Scrolls create two different types of heroes: those who use light and those who use darkness, such as those with mystical or magical abilities. These heroes deserve a rating of three to five stars. Shadow heroes, earning five stars, are the game’s best allies as they provide the strongest combination of ranged attacks and allow summoners to engage in combat without difficulty. from the front line.

Mystic scroll

The Mystic Scroll is a typical roll that mainly produces three-star heroes. They also include some of the best heroes, but getting them is extremely difficult. Players can summon more heroes with the use of these rolls than they can with other rolls as they are quite simple to obtain.

Unknown scroll

Indeterminate rolls are the ones that players use the most. Players can only know heroes from 1-4 stars. The hero collection you get with this roll is ideal for beginners, but as you progress you’ll need to update them or you risk losing each battle.

Unknown scroll- Summoners War Chronicles: Guide on summoning scrolls

Tips for getting more rolls in Summoners War Chronicles

Players can get the rolls using various methods and summon any type of hero they want. Here are some tips for getting more rolls:

  • Players must complete the activities and goals set before them as some of them grant them a small number of Scrolls as a reward.
  • Players must search for achievements and complete them to get the largest scrolls, which will allow them to easily summon Monsters with a 4/5 star rating.
  • The premium Summoners Pass is an option available to players in the game. There are several reels available for players to purchase Premium game cards. To dominate the battlefield by calling the largest sets of monsters, the player can complete the quests Pass and succeed.
  • Players can also choose from a variety of in-game packages that include in-app purchases and collect Scrolls and Monsters to power up their team.
Tips for getting more rolls in Summoners War Chronicles- Summoners War Chronicles: Guide on summoning scrolls

Above is a guide to summoning rolls in Summoners War: Chronicles. Hopefully, you like this game and have moments of comfortable experience.

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