Synthesizing the mistakes of the players Auto Chess Mobile

For strategy games like Auto Chess Mobile, the balance is what game makers are extremely focused on. In a match, everyone has an equal win rate, but what makes victory or failure outside of strategy, luck also comes from mistakes. To play well and climb rank effectively in Auto Chess, you need to limit your ranking mistakes. And today I will present to you the basic mistakes that players often make.

I. Mistakes about using money The

first mistake that should be mentioned is not a matter of tactics or any other factor, but the issue of finance.

“Having money is having everything” a saying that many people think is wrong, but in fact it is extremely correct in the game Auto Chess. If you have a stable amount of money, even if the game is lost, the chances of a turnaround when you hold the money are very high.

Although money plays a big role in the game when you are using it to buy heroes to lift Lever, there are players who use money inappropriately and lead to failure. Here are some basic and common errors.

1. Spend too much money to spin

In each Auto Chess Mobile match, after each round, players will be shown 5 heroes that can buy and if not satisfied the player can use money to change those pieces.

Usually, it is an inevitable and effective action for players, but most new players are abused, resulting in a waste of economic resources.

In addition, continuous spinning is not only ineffective, but also makes it difficult to find the pieces you need, which will greatly affect your results.

So in order to achieve high efficiency and ensure economic resources for each round you only use money to spin the chess 1 to 2 times and ensure that you keep the profit after each round.

2. Using money to raise Lever

In addition to spinning flags, using money to raise Lever is also indispensable for Auto Chess Mobile players.

In general, using money to raise Lever gives you the edge when fighting over opponents and winning easier. However, raising the lever also depends on many factors and can be a huge waste.

Currently, to raise Lever, players need to gain enough experience points in the Lever milestones. With the price of 4 $, you will get 4 experience points, raising Lever consumes a large amount of finance for the player.

When you spend too much money on upgrades will lead to a lack of money to buy the necessary hero or turn the chess, not only that even raising the lever, but the weak team will make you fail more quickly.

In order for the upgrade to be highly effective and bring advantages, when raising the Lever, you should pay attention to the profit margin, especially, only raise the lever in necessary cases such as to ensure intrinsic.

II. The mistake of team selection

If money is considered the most important factor, then standing right after each win is the squad selection.

In general, each roster has its own strengths and weaknesses, which is determined by the family inherent in the roster. Choosing the wrong squad will lead to quick defeat.

One of the mistakes in the lineup selection is the disregard of the races’ intrinsic – the system – the source of the squad’s strength.

In this mistake, the player often chooses strong heroes but does not promote the strength of the clan. With this play, the formation will gradually weaken and be unable to fend off the fully passive formations.

The second big mistake in team selection comes from the lack of understanding of the clans’ incompatibility. Intrinsic diversity leads to races and systems that are similar to each other and if the player has no knowledge, it will lead to team failure.

Finally, to avoid making the above mistakes, you should try to learn about the common and hot formations in Meta to reach the maximum strength. In addition, use reasonable money and tips will help you win easily.

III. Conclusion The

above is my first article summarizing the mistakes when playing Auto Chess Mobile.

My next articles will be sent to you in the nearest time. If you have any questions or comments, please comment below!

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