Netflix launched the dating show 18+ “Too Hot Too Handle” – Hot but full of meaning about love

In contrast to the familiar reality TV shows that revolve around dating, pairing players, “Too Hot Too Handle” almost destroys all relationships of the 10 players with a sorrowful rule.

On April 17, Netflix officially released its dating show 18+ “Too Hot Too Handle”. This made the audience surprised and speechless because of the heat and the shocking rules. In contrast to the familiar reality TV shows that revolve around dating, pairing players, “Too Hot Too Handle” almost destroys all relationships of the 10 players with a sorrowful rule.

From dating shows to endurance test shows

Too Hot To Handle | Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

There are 10 players (both women and men) joining “Too Hot Too Handle”. Everyone owns a nice face and hot body. They are gathered on an island resort, isolated from the outside world to have fun. Well, let’s see, on summer day, at the beach, many handsome boys and beautiful girls with pretty comfortable idea about love and dating surround…that’s just paradise! However, only 12 hours after setting foot on the island, players will know they have caught the trap of the program.

Too Hot Too Handle - Netflix show

The rules of “Too Hot Too Handle” seem to be very simple: 10 players on an island, flirt, confess to each other but absolutely must not have any cuddling or contact behavior 18+ within 1 month. The reward for them is the sum of 100,000 USD. If anyone violates, the final bonus will be mercifully deducted depending on the severity of the law. (Maybe you are interested Hulu vs Netflix)

Filled with drama and philosophies about Tinder era

One thing that is noticeable when watching the program is that all 10 players are familiar with the quick physical relationships like swiping Tinder. Quite a lot of them show misleading thoughts about love. Therefore, “Too Hot Too Handle” has forced them to change their minds with strict rules, urging them to learn each other seriously, healthy.

Too Hot Too Handle - Netflix show 1

Right from the first episode, the show proves the tension when there are two couples struggling to not break the law. In episode 2, the group of players had to pay the price when intentionally breaking the law, but the program also held a classic dating for 2 out of 10 players who were recognized by the virtual assistant as having feelings for each other.

In parallel with the dramas as well as the way the young men and women suppress their desires, “Too Hot Too Handle” also organizes workshops and training sessions to help them discover themselves and create serious relationships.

Positive change of the player

This is the comment of many viewers after watching 8 episodes. The player Harry has had a positive change from a guy who talks a lot, blames and lies to the one who is truly mature. And when the show ended, he decided to move in with his girlfriend, their relationship today is still very good.

As for the player Chloe, the program helped her overcome the crisis after losing a loved one.

It can be seen that, in the middle of a series of reality TV shows focusing on exploiting the emotional drama between the players, “Too Hot Too Handle” is a strange dish for the audience. The show offers completely different perspectives and is very serious about romantic relationships in the digital age.

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