Quick Google search tricks to save your time

Undeniably, the largest search engine seen on the internet today is Google. You can completely use this search engine to get results of any information, images, videos, or locations in just a few seconds.

The search operation is also extremely simple, you just need to visit the Google homepage, type the content in the Search bar, and press Enter. However, to find more accurate results, a few other necessary tricks are needed. In this article, we will introduce you to some Google Search tricks to make your search work faster!

Quick Google search tricks to save your time

1. Use search keywords X or Y

When you want to find something on Google, but can’t remember exactly how the name is spelled, type in the keyword you are confused about and how it is written the sign “|”. Another way is to use the keyword “or” to easily get our search information.

For example: You search jusstin bieber | justin beiber, or jusstin bieber or justin beiber. The result will show you the exact name of Justin Bieber.

2. Use the “*” when searching on Google

Sometimes searching for something on Google, you won’t remember enough keywords to search for. If so, use * in the position of keywords that you do not remember clearly, to appear more suggested content. The asterisk symbol is used for wildcard searches in Google. It can be used more than once in a query and used in quotes.

For example: You search rain cat and *, the result will be rain cats and dogs.

3. Use AROUND (…) when you can’t remember many keywords

In case we forget too many keywords in the search content, you need to write the first keyword, and the last keyword on Google’s Search bar, and then put the phrase AROUND + (approximate number of missing words) between keyword phrases.

For example: You search Near, far, wherever you are AROUND (6) go on. The result will be Near, far, wherever you are. I believe that the heart does go on.

Use AROUND (...) when you can't remember many keywords- Quick Google search tricks to save your time

4. Use the (..) to find results in a range

You want to look for something from $10 to $20 or even more? The double dots will do this trick in Google search. It is used as a range operator to find all relevant results in the specified range. Similarly, the range operator can also be used to filter results for dates and measurements like kilometers, liters, etc.

For example: You search TV $1000..$2000. The result will show all types of TV between $1000 and $2000.

5. Find the exact phrase using quotation marks

Putting the search content in quotes will cause Google to filter and return the most accurate results.

For example: You search “apkafe”, then Google immediately gives you an account on the official page of Apkafe.com.

If you need to search for content but on different websites, type related: the website you know on the Google Search bar.

For example: You want to find sites similar to tripadvisor.com, then you need to enter: related: tripadvisor. The results include a list of websites related to travel issues like tripadvisor.

Search related sites- Quick Google search tricks to save your time

7. Exclude showing results that contain a specific number of words

To be able to remove unimportant search words and phrases in the results, you just need to enter the – sign in front of the keyword you need to remove.

For example: You search for racing games but don’t want to see paid ones, the type racing games -paid.


With that, we’ve just come across a few cool Google search tricks to be faster and more accurate. Hope the above information is useful to you. If you have more tips, please share them in the comments below!

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