Top guns easy to play for newbies in Apex Legends

For newcomers to Apex Legends, how to get into the game as quickly as possible is very important, and you will need to catch that with the guns included in the game. The following article introduces you to the top easy-to-play guns for newbies in Apex Legends Mobile so you can do it quickly and efficiently!

Top guns easy to play for newbies in Apex Legends

1. R-301 Carbine – Assault Rifles


The R-301 Carbine is a basic AR that uses Light ammo, a gun with medium damage but a moderate firing rate, and an expandable 20-round magazine. This gun can be found anywhere. Its ammo is also very popular, making it easy for players to get 1 defensive gun.

2. Eva-8 Auto-Shotguns


Eva-8 Auto is the perfect choice for those who are new to Apex Legends but prefer shotguns because it is automatic fire with high damage, yet limits a lot of the disadvantages of other shotguns today. Eva-8 Auto also supports a lot of accessories including scopes, for new players, Eva-8 Auto is the first choice in the game.

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3. Prowler – Sub Machine Guns


The Prowler is a high-precision, low-recoil machine gun that uses Blue Heavy ammunition. Prowler is also very easy to find and has the ability to retrofit Optic, which increases the power of this gun. For new players, Prowler is the best choice for a gun to attack.

4. VK-47 Flatline – Assault Rifles


If the R-301 Carbine is an easy gun for newbies in Apex Legends with yellow bullets, the VK-47 Flatline is similar but for green bullets. Not only that, VK-47 Flatline has higher damage, and the ability to shoot far and much more accurately. Although not as popular as R-301, VK-47 Flatline is not too hard to find in the game.

5. M600 Spitfire – Light Machine Guns


The M600 Spitfire is a machine gun that uses green bullets with medium damage, but its highlight is that it can hold a lot of bullets. The minimum is 35 tablets and maximum is up to 50 tablets. This is a gun that beginners need because you can discharge bullets freely in battle without having to worry too much about running out of ammunition before your opponent.

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Final words

Above is a list of the top guns easy to play for newbies in Apex Legends Mobile. The above list does not mention any type of Sniper, simply because even for proficient Apex Legends players, using them is not simple and it is easy to expose your target.

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