Useful tips for Rise of Eros

Rise of Eros is a turn-based tactical role-playing game with an adult element that is extremely interesting in recent times. Not counting the attractive adventure gameplay, what holds most players back when coming to Rise of Eros is probably the hot cast of female characters and vivid scenes. In this article, let’s learn some tips to make your journey to explore the world of the game easier.

Useful tips to play Rise of Eros


Personas are the characters that you will summon when fighting. Initially, you will only have Mechas in the squad, later when there are female warriors, Mechas are quite useless.

Personas-Useful tips for Rise of Eros

Therefore, as soon as you own the first beauties, immediately send them to battle. Initially, the level of the characters will not be able to exceed the player’s current level, but you will be able to break this limit after reaching level 20.

You need to buy a necessary item in the shop that unlocks the level-up limit.

Awaken Personas

Awakening Personas allows you to upgrade your character’s qualities. If you do not own an SSR character, you can completely use Divine Proof to raise an SR character.

Awaken Personas-Useful tips for Rise of Eros

In addition, your character can also be awakened by clicking the “+” sign next to the star level. Awakening will greatly increase the character’s stats as well as upgrade their skill set. To be able to awaken, you need to have the corresponding character piece, the higher the character quality, the more pieces are needed.


The first basic thing is to prioritize choosing equipment with a higher level and quality because they are of course stronger. The equipment will often have both basic stats and bonus stats, if you own the same type of equipment, compare the bonus stats of which equipment will be more beneficial to choose for the character.

Gear-Useful tips for Rise of Eros

For example, with a character that deals continuous damage, stats that are more critical to crit, increased damage will be much more beneficial than defensive stats.

The equipment system in Rise of Eros is also divided into sets, each set will activate effects associated with 2, 4, or 6 equipment milestones. However, it is not necessary that you have a complete set of items, but you can completely use 2 pieces of this set, and then add pieces of another set to diversify the character’s stats.


Relic is like a character’s weapon, each type will bring certain stats and shape the character’s attributes. There are 4 attributes, including fire, water, earth, and plants. They counter each other, so you should change the Relic for the character through each match depending on the enemy.

Relic-Useful tips for Rise of Eros

Check the level information in the upper right corner before each match to see which type of relic you should use. Assuming that level shows fire, you should use a water-type relic to counter it.

Ignore the tankers when fighting

There will be levels where you have to confront extremely beefy monsters that take you a lot of time to destroy.

Ignore the tankers when fighting-Useful tips for Rise of Eros

The trick here is that you should temporarily control the character to destroy all the monsters that deal main damage, then focus on killing the last tanker. The reason is that tankers have a lot of health, but the amount of damage they cause is not much.

Some more tips

  • Do not buy old equipment because it can be used to upgrade new equipment.
  • If you can’t pass a certain level, try playing the previous level again but in difficult mode, thereby earning more powerful equipment to upgrade the strength of the squad.
  • Try to pass the level and get a three-star rating because you will get a lot of money and tickets to the event.

Hopefully, the above useful sharing will help you easily conquer the challenges of Rise of Eros. Let’s continue to explore the game world in your own way!

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