Most vital 3 tips for Summoners War: Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicles is a brand new summoner adventure MMORPG full of thrills. Players will embark on a journey to explore vast continents and encounter hundreds of unique monsters, while enjoying the fun from the various game modes that come with it.

The game possesses many features that can make the player’s experience more enjoyable. Here you will find more than 400 monsters divided into five attributes with many other abilities. This article will bring 3 extremely important gameplay tips for Summoners War: Chronicls beginners to get off to a good start and win every match.

Summoners War: Chronicles-Most vital 3 tips for Summoners War: Chronicles

Top 3 tips for Summoners War: Chronicles before any battle

#1. Understand the basics

This fun role-playing game has a simple and easy to understand gameplay interface. It is similar to Summoner Wars, the prequel to Summoners War: Chronicles, which offers the ability to customize summoners according to player requirements.

Understand the basics-Most vital 3 tips for Summoners War: Chronicles

Each summoner has a unique set of characteristics. Cleaf, Kina and Orbia are summoners and more monsters have been added. These monsters act as companions to the characters.

#2. Summoner house upgrade

Summoners can be upgraded through Skill Tokens and Potion. By upgrading summoners, they can become more powerful, allowing the player to deal more damage to enemies. They can also be upgraded through weapons and shields.

Summoner house upgrade-Most vital 3 tips for Summoners War: Chronicles

Enchanting equipment provides the most common way to do it. It will help the player choose a specific power level. Swapping weapons is also a possibility. Players will also be able to retain 20-30% of the original power in the new weapon. Always prioritize improving a monster’s real skill over another utility skill.

#3. Choose monsters wisely

Players should carefully analyze the monster’s abilities, strength, and stars. Monster powers include Fire, Water, Wind, Darkness, Light, and Magic. The monster subcategories are Monsters, Runes, Trade Fragments, and Summoning Tables. Monsters with a higher number of stars are also preferred.

Choose monsters wisely-Most vital 3 tips for Summoners War: Chronicles

Besides, players should also awaken a monster with more power than before through upgrades, increasing their chances of surviving the fight longer. It will of course be stronger than the ddeer the player with the advantage. Therefore, there needs to be thought and consideration about the monster at the end of the battle in Summoners War: Chronicles.

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Final words

Thus, with only the above 3 things, players will safely enter Summoners War: Chronicles matches without any hesitation. Hope the above article helps your game experience process better.

If you have any other cool tips and tricks for the game, feel free to share them with us below!

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