5 funniest cheats in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is one of the best open-world sandbox games ever released. Similar to other games in GTA, it comes with an in-depth cheat system. Furthermore, the cheat system in San Andreas is the largest one, with over 100 cheat codes affecting the state of the whole city map. In this article, Apkafe will introduce the 5 funniest cheats in GTA San Andreas, especially in certain modes of the game.


Top 5 funniest cheats in different modes of GTA San Andreas

Riot mode

Using the code STATEOFEMERGENCY, the player can activate Riot mode which occurs after Officer Tenpenny’s trial in story mode. All pedestrians will attack each other and the player, as well as commit various crimes. More police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks will appear, and wanted levels will take longer to disappear.

This code can be combined with BGLUAWML to provide pedestrian rocket launchers. This way the state of the map will become extremely chaotic with people sending rockets all over the place.


Funhouse mode

Enter CRAZYTOWN while playing the game or activate the Funhouse mode in GTA San Andreas, then the whole game will turn into a big circus. NPCs will wear clown costumes while driving clown cars. Even CJ has pink hair and wears glasses with a fake nose and mustache.

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Most Wanted Mode

You can activate the super wanted mode by using three cheat codes: BRINGITON to activate the Six-Star Wanted Level, the highest level in the game, FOOOXFT to make all pedestrians chase the character, and BAGOWPG to offer a reward for catching the player’s character. Unlike the Riot Mode where everyone attacks each other, in this mode, all will be aimed at the player only.


Ninja Mode

Players can turn all NPCs in the game into Ninja using the NINJATOWN cheat. All NPCs will appear in black ninja costumes and carry swords. After that, the player can activate riot or wanted mode to have them chase them.

Transcendent punch and step

Players can magnify CJ’s movements and punches to unbelievable levels by entering KANGAROO for the super jump and GOHUHRNID for the super punch. With the cheat enabled, CJ can jump super high and punch at great distances.

Characters punched by CJ’s super punch will fly all over the GTA screen, which is quite funny. This is even more interesting when combined with the super jump, CJ will become a kung fu master.



That’s all about the top 5 funniest cheats in different modes of GTA San Andreas. Now, head to the game and try them out!

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