I. How to play Among Us

1. Instructions to enter the game room

Step 1. At the main screen of the game, choose the ONLINE button.

Step 2. After choosing to play ONLINE, enter the name you want to use and select PUBLIC to find a room play.

To create a room for everyone, choose CREATE GAME at HOST.

Select PRIVATE to enter the code in a private room.

Step 3. There will be a lobby for players to wait a few seconds before starting the game.

2. In-game features

In the lower left corner of the screen is the icon of the character’s scroll box, use the Control bar to direct the character in the direction you want. Touch the screen to operate and select the tasks to complete.

Crewmate players will have a job list to complete in order to win, such as putting garbage in the oven, connecting power lines, repairing oxygen pipes, etc.

List of Crewmate player missions must be completed.

2. Functions Crewmate can use. Press USE to be able use them.

When the red message appears, the task should be completed with priority to avoid losing the match.

Imposter players will sabotage the ship system by using the SABOTAGE button, as well as destroy Crewmate by pressing KILL.

In addition, an impostor can travel between regions via the Vent (Gas Pipeline) on the map. However, moving regularly through Vent will easily attract the attention of Crewmate players.

During the game, it is impossible to communicate or chat with each other to ensure fairness, unless there is notice of the suspect.

At the main hall, there is a box that can be clicked to denounce the suspect as an Imposter, during the game, you will not be able to chat with other players unless someone presses the REPORT button in the lobby or when there is a body discovered.

In addition, you can also give your own opinion about the suspect and vote for it every time the meeting happens.

After the consensus, players will conduct voting similar to the game Ghost Wolf, then the “chosen person” will be kicked out into outer space.

II. Tips to play Among Us

1. Crewmate

  • Teamwork should be put in the first place. Go together to avoid assassination.
  • Watch out for security cameras to spy on suspects.
  • Determined to those you suspect.
  • Don’t trust anyone. Anyone can be an Impostor.

2. Impostor

  • Do not show yourself. The one who shows that he knows everything is always the attention of other players, so be moderated and be dangerous! Pretending like you are the new one will make it easier for you to win.
  • Avoid assassination when traveling with a group, an assassin will become more mysterious when acting without leaving any trace. Combined with your acting abilities and no one can doubt you.
  • Do not use the Vent to move repeatedly. The impostor’s prerogative is to move quickly from one position to another thanks to the air vent,  however it would be troublesome if someone else sees you while walking.
  • Besides ruining the Crewmate’s plan, destroying the ship is also the task of the impostor. Cleverly setting up traps to put the prey in!

Among Us is a psychological as well as a funny game, isn’t it? Hopefully through this article, you now can play the game fluently. What secret do you have to win? Feel free to leave your comments down below. Thank you!

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