8 Hayday tips to make farming easier

Farming in Hayday is interesting yet quite time-consuming, therefore, making your farm grow and become profitable requires intelligent strategies and techniques. Here are some Hayday tips and tricks you need to know to get more benefits from your farm.

8 best Hayday tips

#1. How to get free Diamonds

Earn free diamonds by leveling up, following Hayday on Facebook and linking to your device, participating in competitions, completing achievements, opening hidden bundle boxes, and mining (starts at level 24).

Another way to earn diamonds is to search for purple movie tickets in the newspaper and watch promotional clips.

How to get free Diamonds- 8 Hayday tips to make farming easier

#2. How to make a lot of money

Here are ways to get a lot of money in Hayday:

  • Grow wheat and sell it at level 1 to get more carpets (till and expand the land) and barns.
  • Expand the silo as much as possible. If necessary, buy a wheat coin from people you find in the newspaper, and fill it with wheat and only wheat. Then the visitor will just ask to buy it. That’s how you make money.
  • There will come a time when you don’t need to plant wheat. Just buy it from other players to fill in the poker and the corresponding amount.
  • Another trick is to grow high-value crops and keep selling it. Buy noodles and other deals from your friends or in the newspaper.

#3. How to get XP experience bonuses

If you have an apple tree and your level is 15 or higher, be sure to have apples as each will give 7 XP. You can find the apples advertised in the article, visit the people with that ad and search their farm to hit the tree with the exclamation mark.

You can also get an extra 30 XP bonus by giving pets and dogs. Buy the pet a home, and food (bacon for dogs and milk for cats) first before you buy them with vouchers.

How to get XP experience bonuses- 8 Hayday tips to make farming easier

#4. Predict the future

You can predict the items you will need to complete future shipments. All you need to do is find the delivery boy, click on it, and select the “No, thanks” button. This boy will go and lie down in the field. You will then see a bubble where the item image pops up at the top to complete future shipments.

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#5. Find and buy lost plants

When a certain crop runs out, just select Greg on the Friends tab and buy everything in the roadside store. You can find some tools in your store very cheaply. But, what if Greg doesn’t have what you need? Visit other farms, fill out their articles, and buy the items you need.

At level 7 or higher, if you’re missing a plant, look at the article and see what’s on sale. You can visit your friend’s farm and look at the roadside shop to see what they are selling.

#6. Unlimited new deal

To have an infinite newspaper for you, just change the language, and you will find a brand new newspaper to browse through.

Unlimited new deal- 8 Hayday tips to make farming easier

#7. Smart finds with Newspapers

Find newspapers and buy all the construction items and equipment, advertise them, then sell them individually for 180-200 coins.

#8. Open the mystery box

Go to your neighbor’s or friend’s farm, open the mystery box. To open them all at once, click outside the box except the X button, click on the friends bar, the friends icon to enter the farm. Then find it again (it could be in another location, or hidden behind a tree or house). Wash and repeat 30 times to remove your item.

Open the mystery box- 8 Hayday tips to make farming easier

Above are 8 best Hayday tips to make this farming simulator game easy. Hopefully, you find it helpful. Thank you for reading!

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