3 tips for conquering the highest mountain easily in Only Up

Only Up is an engaging indie video game where players climb to the top of a challenging mountain. If you want to know how to jump to the highest mountain the fastest, let’s check out the 3 best tips for Only Up below!

What is Only Up?

Only Up is a challenging game and requires patience. Inspired by the fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”, this game offers an experience like a magical platformer. Your task is to follow the same mythical path as Jack, overcoming all challenges to achieve the final goal.


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3 best tips for playing Only Up

Here are some Only Up tips to win this game quickly:

Patience is key

In Only Up, patience is an essential factor. No need to worry about time, take the time to research and plan each jump. Confidence and patience in each leap will help you go further, instead of rushing and having to start from the beginning.


Take advantage of automatic skills

Keep moving forward once you get used to the game and don’t miss any platform. Your character will automatically grab and pull up the ledges, helping you avoid wrong jumps and save time.

Beware of round objects

Be careful when dealing with round objects and surfaces in the game. Physics is not perfect and sometimes has trouble handling round objects. There may be a situation where even though you have jumped correctly, you will still slip off these objects. So be careful and choose sturdy surfaces to make the most critical jumps.



So, those are the 3 best tips to victory in Only Up quickly. Remember to be patient and careful with the objects as you want to reach the highest mountain. Wishing you hours of relaxation and joy as exploring the game!

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