Minecraft Food Tips

Besides crafting items in Minecraft, another only source of life for players to survive during the journey to conquer game levels is food. However, these foods are all raw and unprocessed. Therefore, players need to process those raw foods. Gamers can follow how to make food in Minecraft the article below.

How to make food in Minecraft 

1. Bowl: 

Bowl-Minecraft Food Tips

To contain mushroom soup when processing, we will use a bowl made of 3 wooden planks stacked on top of each other. Every 3 wooden planks will produce 4 bowls. 

2. Food in Minecraft: Mushroom stew 

To make mushroom stew, players need to prepare 1 bowl, 1 red, and 1 brown mushroom. Mushroom stew restores 3 bars of food. 

3. Food in Minecraft: Bread 

Food in Minecraft: Bread -Minecraft Food Tips

The main ingredient for bread is 3 bundles of wheat. When you have 3 bunches of wheat, you can produce 1 bread. Bread is needed in restoring 3 bars of food. Players will find wheat in hell, mines, the village, or barter with people. With 1 emerald, you can buy 3 or 4 bread. 

4. Food in Minecraft: Sugar

Food in Minecraft: Sugar-Minecraft Food Tips

To make sugar, gamers only need to use 1 bunch of sugar cane. This ingredient will add to the appeal of pumpkin cakes, ice cream cakes, or speeding pills. 

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5. Food in Minecraft: Cake 

 Food in Minecraft: Cake -Minecraft Food Tips

Once we have sugar, wheat, and some other ingredients, we can make the cake. 

You need 3 bundles of wheat, 2 sugars, 1 egg, and 3 milk to make the cake. Each time using 1 cake will restore 1 food bar. You can use 6 cakes in a time to recover 6 bars of food. Milk buckets after use will be returned. 

6. Food in Minecraft: Cookies 

Cookies will help players recover 1 food bar. It is necessary to prepare 2 bundles of wheat and 1 cocoa bean to make 8 biscuits. 

7. Golden Apple: 

Apples are of great value in restoring energy. When using 1 golden apple, we will recover 2 bars of food. You need 8 gold bars and 1 apple to produce 1 golden apple. 

8. Enchanted Golden apple

Enchanted Golden apple-Minecraft Food Tips

Enchanted golden apples will restore 2 bars of food, restoring health within 30 seconds. Or golden apples also used to resist fire for 5 minutes. 

To process magic golden apples, gamers need to prepare 8 gold blocks and 1 apple. 

9. Melon seeds: 

Once obtained, the game player can grow and harvest a cube of watermelon, including 9 pieces of watermelon. To have watermelon seeds, you need 1 slice of watermelon. 

10. Pumpkin seeds: 

Just like melon seeds, to get pumpkin seeds, we will take a piece of pumpkin. 1 piece of pumpkin will produce 4 seeds

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11. Food in Minecraft: Pumpkin pie 

1 pumpkin pie will restore 4 energy bars, which is very useful for players. To make pumpkin pie, you need 1 pumpkin, 1 sugar, and 1 egg. 

12. Golden Carrot: 

When there is a golden carrot, players will be restored 3 bars of food or used for drug processing. 1 yellow carrot needs 8 golden seeds and 1 carrot. 

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13. Hay Bale: 

9 bundles of wheat will produce 1 hay bale for horse food or decoration in the game. 

Creating lots of food means we need storage to hold it all. So, consider expanding your space by making some backpacks. The Minecraft food has been processed according to the recipes we introduced above. Food not only helps you survive each level of the game, but also helps you, recover energy, or create medicine from the food itself.

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Wish you have fun playing the game! 

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