Minecraft and secrets you may not know

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Minecraft is a construction game in an Open World, with unlimited creative gameplay, this game has been attracting millions of players around the world with a passion to discover and experience great things from These magic squares.

Like other games, Minecraft has a lot of secrets and hidden features that even long-term players do not know or know.

1: Going through the wall

If there is a car like above and the wall is just blocks of 1 block, the player can sit on the car and go through it, or also. can be used as a trap.

2: How to play in survival

mode In Survival mode – Survival, using the right ingredients will save you time and effort. Specifically: the sword can cut watermelon and cactus best, and the ax will smash pumpkins faster.

3: The Effects of Ladders and Signs

Like pressure plates, using ladders and signs can also effectively prevent water and lava from spilling into your underwater rooms.

4: Create soul sand traps

Using the ice and spirit sand (the ice below) will help you create a great trap.

5: Break the boat with a bow and arrow

Using a bow and arrow to break the boats in Minecraft game also helps you get the same resources as usual.

6: You can put the torches in the furnace and crafting board

The first thing you need to make sure the back of the furnace and the location where the torch should be placed has solid and clear blocks, then just right-click. Enter the torch you are holding, and you will immediately see it placed on the crafting blocks.

7: Use torches to earn more stones and gravel

If the sand and gravel blocks are not mixed together (separate sand, gravel), we can use a torch to break the sand blocks in the lowest position. As soon as they separate, put a few torches below it quickly and wait a moment, the sand blocks will break apart quickly.

Above are some interesting tips about Minecraft game that not everyone knows. Hopefully after this article, you will have more experience to experience this game better.

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