Free Fire: TOP characters should use when playing Clash Squad

Clash Squad of Free Fire is one of the most engaging game modes, the most intense because of the high competition. If you want to win in Clash Squad, you need to have a strong lineup and definitely indispensable for the following Free Fire characters.

What is Clash Squad?

What is Clash Squad- Free Fire: TOP characters should use when playing Clash Squad

Clash Squad is one of the popular arcade game modes in Free Fire, in addition to the usual Battle Royale mode. It brings gameplay map “rob the flag” traditional shooter prison game into the game. In this article, we will list everything you need to know about the skills you should choose in this mode.

In this mode, 8 people from 2 teams will play against each other in a series of 7 best matches. The first team to win 4 matches will be the winner. Playzone for Clash Squad will be a small area in Kalahari or Bermuda.

Since you can only choose between a limited number of weapons and short rounds of play, it’s important for the gamer to choose the right character’s skills to get the most advantage.

Characters you should use when playing Clash Squad


At the beginning of each round, you will receive 235 HP instead of 200 HP as usual. Having more HP than enemies is helpful in this mode, as you can win 1 on 1 fights most of the time.

Antonio- Free Fire: TOP characters should use when playing Clash Squad


Chrono is also another strong character in Garena Free Fire, designed based on the prototype of world famous football player Ronaldo. Chrono’s outstanding proactive ability is Time Turner. When using this ability, Chrono creates a force field, protecting the person inside from 600 damage from enemies. Furthermore, he can fire bullets at enemies from within this force field.

Chrono- Free Fire: TOP characters should use when playing Clash Squad

When using Time Turner, Chrono’s movement speed is increased by 15%. In addition, his allies within the force field also gain 10% movement speed. The cooldown of this skill is 50 seconds.

As you can see, Chrono is really a powerful support character in the Clash Squad match of Free Fire.


Alok’s skills are still the strongest in the game: healing and speed boost, useful in any situation. And in Clash Squad mode is no exception.

Jota Jota

‘s continuous raid will heal you with a huge amount of HP every time you kill an enemy with an SMG gun or a Shotgun. These two weapon classes are much more powerful than normal in this mode, with the level being limited to a small area.

Jota Jota -Free Fire: TOP characters should use when playing Clash Squad


Gamer will have to fight continuously while playing Clash Squad, and nothing can beat Jai’s Furious Reload while fighting multiple enemies. After you destroy the enemy, half of your magazine will be filled up so you can continue fighting.

Jai -Free Fire: TOP characters should use when playing Clash Squad


Joseph’s Nutty Movement ability is quite helpful in melee situations. You can retreat to shield much faster than usual.

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