Garten of Banban: How to complete the full game

Garten of Banban is a horror game set in a haunted kindergarten where players use a drone to explore this entire shady school and its deep-hidden secrets. This article will provide complete and detailed instructions on how to complete the full game in Garten of Banban.

How to complete the full game in Garten of Banban

Get a drone and learn to fly for the first time

The player starts at the cafeteria entrance, a closed yellow door leading to the Creative Area and a closed blue door leading to the Maintainance Area, which can be opened with a blue keycard. Just take the blue key card from the table and then press the button of the same color to open the door.

When entering the room, you will see a drone and remote control. Take the remote control and leave the room.


The remote control requires batteries to activate the drone, enter the cafe and everyone will find two batteries on the table.


When leaving the cafeteria, gamers can see 2 buttons that are out of range, but in perfect range with the drone. Summon the drone with the right mouse button, then aim the button above the entrance (black door) and left-click to let the drone fly up there.


If you hear a sound like a bell or a jingle, everyone has activated the other button above the yellow door. Aim at it and let the drone fly to the button. The yellow door will now gently open and allow access to the Creative Area.

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Creative Area

Upon entering this area, gamers have access to the Drawing Room on the left and the Playground on the right. There are 2 more doors in the back but they are sealed for now.



The player must find the switch and turn on the light first.


Continue to complete a mini-game to get a key card. Find 6 hidden eggs in the playground and place them in the bird’s beak. Here are the locations of 6 eggs:

  • At the signboard
  • On the boat
  • On the couch
  • At the logs
  • On top
  • To get the last egg, gamers must find a switch hidden under the slide in a dark corner. This switch activates a button that the drone can press. The last egg rolls down the slide.

The player can now place each egg in the bird’s beak and wait for the keycard to appear. Take it and leave the area immediately.

Drawing Room

When entering the drawing room, the player will see Naughty Corner on the right, where there is a switch activated by a keycard from the bird. This will trigger the button for the drone to press. Players need to be careful not to fly around the glass because the drone can break it.


When you manage to press the button, a door in the corner will open and gamers can get a hammer and notepad there.


So, above is the guide on how to complete the full game in Garten of Banban. Hope you find it useful. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!

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