How to hatch Turtle eggs in Minecraft

Minecraft has various kinds of animals, from passive ( dog,cat, horse, etc.) to defensive (pufferfish) and neutral ( bee, dolphin, panda, etc.). Turtles are a cute passive creature in the game. You can even have turtle egg hatch to have the baby turtles. In this article, let’s learn more about turtles and turtle eggs in Minecraft.

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Where to find turtles in Minecraft?

We can find the beautiful turtles in the warm sand beaches. They can move on land and in water. The turtles don’t also go any farther than their home beach.

Where to find turtles in Minecraft- How to hatch Turtle eggs in Minecraft

How to get turtle eggs in Minecraft?

After two turtles are bred with seagrass, one of them travels back to its home beach, digs in the sand, and lays an egg block that contains 1–4 eggs after several seconds. They are going to leave those eggs vulnerable there for a couple of days. 

How to get turtle eggs in Minecraft- How to hatch Turtle eggs in Minecraft

 So, when do turtle hatch egg in Minecraft?

The egg goes through three stages before hatching. Hatching occurs only when the egg is placed on regular sand. 

There is no exact answer for the question “How long does it take for turtle eggs to hatch in Minecraft”. The time until hatching varies (typically taking several day cycles), even for eggs laid on the same beach on the same day.

The eggs can grow as well as hatch during day and night, but grow faster during the night. You should know the more cracks the egg has, the closer it is to hatching.

when do turtle hatch egg in Minecraft- How to hatch Turtle eggs in Minecraft

Zombies and their variants actively seek out and trample turtle eggs, breaking egg after egg on the block until all of them have been destroyed, unless mobGriefing is false. 

You can protect the turtle eggs from those evils. As long as a baby turtle grown into a adult without being broken by zombies or being eaten by any undead creature, you will receive a gift from them. And the gift is a scute.

when do turtle hatch egg in Minecraft- How to hatch Turtle eggs in Minecraft

And when you collect enough 5 scutes, you can craft a turtle shell, which is the same amor value. When you put the turtle shell on your head, you can get the water breathing effect, with which you can go under the water for 10 seconds.


So, you have just learned more all about Turtles and Turtle eggs in Minecraft. Hopefully, this article is interesting to you. If you have any question related to the Minecraft games, leave a comment below. We will do our best to help you. Thank you for reading!

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