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Minecraft Earth – an expanded version of Minecraft that makes the real world a playground of original bricks. The success of Pokémon Go has proven that augmented reality (AR) is a viable and profitable option when deployed on mobile games. So, it’s no surprise that Minecraft, another major gaming brand, is jumping into the AR craze with a smart new step in building play.

With Minecraft Earth, you can discover a new side of Minecraft as you craft, explore, and survive in the real world. Join a community of builders and explorers across the planet to gather resources, as well as make buildings through augmented reality, and then adjust them to life-size. You can even team up with others to join small-scale adventures. 

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Download Minecraft Earth game on Apkafe 

Currently, Minecraft Earth has three versions for iOS, Android, and Microsoft. Still, it is just a closed-beta version. We are expecting the Minecraft Earth Beta will come soon one day.

To download the game, click on the link above and proceed with the installation. Then you can experience the fascinating virtual reality world. 

Instructions for playing game

Minecraft Earth has similar gameplay to Minecraft, which is building unique pixel constructions by exploiting resources. However, instead of a closed virtual world, players will create in the real world through AR technology. Like Pokemon Go, you will see digital building elements in the real world and interact with them in various ways.

 The game makes a difference by allowing players to conduct buildings that exist forever. In the game, you can collaborate with friends using Build Plates. Your creativity can be built on a flat surface through the phone screen. Once completed, the buildings will be placed in the AR world for everyone to admire. 

Before starting building, you have the task of exploring the real world to collect resources and complete challenges. Players will also need to gain their survival skills. In particular, they will engage in battle with a hostile mob just like in Minecraft. All of these activities can be done alone or with friends. 

Minecraft Earth Map 1:1000 Scale

Minecraft Earth Map 1:1000 Scale

Salient features of Minecraft Earth

– Build amazing constructions in your device and bring them to the actual world in real size. 

– Cooperate with other builders and create masterpieces. 

– Discover a whole new side of your local neighborhood by creating great works and watch it grow over time. 

  – Discover many unique mobs like Muddy Pig and Moobloom, then use them to build your own works. 

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  1. Theodore Singleton
    5 out of 5

    This is awsome!!❤ i do understand you must have ALOT of space to play, but its still really good? the only thing that i don’t like is that you have to pay to get skins but thats fine? thank you mojang for this, i installed the normal minecraft and i love it, again thanks❤

    Minecraft Earth Minecraft Earth

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