Get to know how to play Mobile Legends for beginners

Mobile Legends is one of the best mobile games available today. If you’re a newbie who wants to learn how to play before going into real battles, read on!

The gameplay

Mobile Legends is one of the games in the MOBA genre, each game has 2 teams playing with a 5v5 battle formation, the goal is to protect your team and destroy the opponent’s main tower to become the winner.

The gameplay- Get to know how to play Mobile Legends for beginners

You will choose a character for yourself called a Champion and build the perfect squad with your teammates. Each battle lasts about 10 minutes. You can choose to go to the main lane, go to the jungle, rush to destroy the enemy towers, etc. The goal is to destroy all the opponents along the way with the hero’s skills and try to knock down all the towers especially the enemy’s main tower to win your team.

The game modes

Mobile Legends has a lot of different game modes, including:

  • Ranked mode is for high-ranked gamers who want to show off their skills.
  • Classic mode is for those of you who want to improve your skills with 5v5 squads and 3 lanes of battle.
  • Melee mode is for short fights, fighting in one lane only.
  • Machine mode is where you can learn the skills of the champion to train your skills. (This may be the best choice for beginners.)
  • Free mode is where you will be paired with both the machine and the player because of the combination of modes – Classic and Machine.
  • Entertainment mode includes the mortal arena and some other modes opened according to the big event.
The game modes- Get to know how to play Mobile Legends for beginners

Generals in Mobile Legends

1. Tank

This is an important champion in the squad that is always called to the team. The advantage of a Tank is that its health is quite high, and its defense, physics, and magic resistance are equally high.

Tanks often start the fight as a shield for low-health but high-damage champions that perform their role well. The laning phase usually allows the minion to go first and the jungle monster for teammates to finish. Tanks need to hide in the bushes to create an element of surprise for the opponent, and closely follow the MM to protect.

2. MM

MM is one of the most popular champions because of its easy operation, although they have a small amount of health, the damage is extremely high, especially near the end of the game.

MM can attack long-range, so when fighting you need to keep a distance from the opponent, and avoid letting the opponent follow you. So you can both deal damage to the opponent and have a higher chance of escaping if you are countered. MM can go mid-lane or bot lane.

MM- Get to know how to play Mobile Legends for beginners

3. Fighter

This champion is quite diverse, can take on different roles, and is extremely effective in forcing opponents.

Fighter deals high damage, relatively stable resistance to attacks, and variations in fighting style. The early-game damage is rather good, so they can be fought directly or easily by eating jungle monsters.

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4. Mage

Mage deals magic damage on a wide and long range, with good control ability. So when fighting, the Mage is even more vital because he can control and immobilize the entire opponent’s squad. Can go mid if the generals have good solo skills or roam to switch branches to support other champions.

However, the mage loses blood quite quickly, so he is always the object of the opponent’s siege, so he needs to be careful in the way.

Mage- Get to know how to play Mobile Legends for beginners

5. Assassin

Assassins have low health but extremely high damage, powerful stacking skills, and quickly destroy low-damage champions. Most of these champions have the ability to quickly approach and deal damage, so they attack individually, raid, push single lanes, and destroy enemy houses.

Because the blood is low but the damage is high, the Assassin needs to choose the right time to fight. They are perfect for attacking low-damage champions on the opponent’s side and should avoid dealing with Tanks.

6. Support

True to the name, these champions often support teammates to perform well. Some Supports have the ability to heal, control the target, or create protective armor. This is also one of key elements to help our team come back if they support it in time.

At the beginning of the game, they will support mid-laners to kill soldiers and eat charms. Then, you can roam continuously to protect other champions like MM.

Support- Get to know how to play Mobile Legends for beginners


Those are the basic information you need to master to start the real battle in Mobile Legends. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!

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