How to play Stardew Valley – The ultimate beginner’s guide

Stardew Valley is a farming game where you must manage gardening, growing crops, and raising livestock. Not only that, but you can also conduct more activities, such as crafting crafts and participating in social activities, marriage, etc.

If you want to experience the feeling of becoming a real farmer, this title is the best choice for you. You can become the manager of a farm and conduct many activities. If you are still wondering how to start, then refer to the following guide for those who are just starting to play Stardew Valley!

How to play Stardew Valley - The ultimate beginner's guide

How to play Stardew Valley for beginners

Invest in plants

During the game, you will find there are many ways to earn money. However, the most basic and main source of income still comes from harvesting during the seasons. Take a look and find out, which seed gives you more profit. By taking risks, try to see which season of the year the seeds are suitable. The crops in Stardew Valley will be changed according to the season. That is, the seeds that are suitable for planting in the spring, you cannot sow them in the winter because it is definitely out of season and will not grow. Moreover, you also need to know how to use jars and storage bins to make jam and fruit.

Plan to plant according to the season

You need to plan to grow seasonal foods to maximize profits in Stardew Valley. In the game, each season will only last for 28 days. If you set the planting date incorrectly, the plant has a high chance of wilting and dying as soon as the weather changes.

Plan to plant according to the season- How to play Stardew Valley - The ultimate beginner's guide

For a simple example like the Strawberry plant, it will take you quite a while. Specifically, a few weeks to be able to harvest it. If there is only a little time left until the next season, you should definitely not sow it, but save the seed for next year’s crop.

Prefer to get wood

On the farm in Stardew Valley, trees are abundant and are an abundant resource for you to exploit to get wood to build houses and create items and equipment for the farm. Do not try to sell it, but think about how to long-term exploit this valuable resource.

Make friends

Get to know and chat with neighbors to receive rewards for reaching certain friendship levels. Rewards are delivered to your mailbox. Each person when getting to know each other will have 10 hearts used as a measure of the friendship between two people. If you get married, your partner gets 2 more hearts. You will then get a Stardrop to permanently expand the Energy meter.

Make friends- How to play Stardew Valley - The ultimate beginner's guide

To get a lot of bonus points, players should actively chat and give gifts they like to their friends. In particular, if you give gifts to the villagers on their birthday, the chances of getting many bonus points are great.

Upgrade tools when absolutely necessary

The next tip to play Stardew Valley is to only upgrade the tool when it is absolutely necessary. In particular, priority should be given to frequently used tools such as axes, pickaxes and watering tools.

The best time to upgrade your Watering Pot is probably when it rains or the last day of the season. Water the plants and then upgrade them, let the rain do all the work the next day. Furthermore, you do not need to water the plants on the last day of the season. After 2 days of upgrading, you will immediately own a really good bottle.

Use Spa services when possible

When the Spa is open, just go there. The beauty salon will open on the first day of the summer of the first year. In the newer version, it opens on the second day. When you send your character to the Spa, a bath will help restore energy. Maybe even work twice as often. Take advantage of the opportunity to go to the Spa to get more energy for the character.

Use Spa services when possible- How to play Stardew Valley - The ultimate beginner's guide

Create a chest as soon as possible

Create chests as soon as you can while your backpack size is small. Once you start clearing your farm, buying new seeds, and starting to feed, you’ll quickly run out of space. You can create a chest as long as you have 50 trees on you. You can also put them anywhere you like.

Make at least one chest so that you can send materials to your farm. You might even want to put another place near town, perhaps near Pierre’s shop, so you can drop the materials you’ve earned to run around.

Create a chest as soon as possible- How to play Stardew Valley - The ultimate beginner's guide

Pay attention to plant-eating worms

Keep an eye on the depth! Though they are usually hard to spot, if you see some cows in the ground, dig them up with a hoe. Doing so will reveal an item such as a book or an artifact. Books can be read at the museum and artifacts can also be donated there.

Final words

Above are the most detailed instructions for beginners to play Stardrew Valley. Hope you have more useful information to start playing. Have a good time playing the game!

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