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Product Description

Independent game (Indie game) has emerged in recent years with the strengths in terms of ideas and gameplay. It brings unique experiences. This is exactly what some of the hottest games currently seem to be weak. Because big and well-known developers mostly focus on improving the graphics quality to the maximum. Therefore, this has lost the identity that a game genre necessarily needs to have is “entertainment factor.” 

Typically, in the indie games released in 2016, Stardew Valley can be included. This is a game genre inspired by Harvest Moon and comes from an independent developer, Eric Barone. Although it has no loud ads, no complicated plot, no spectacular graphics, but Stardew Valley still has a strong attraction. It makes players forget to eat, forget to sleep, immerse themselves in the world of games, so when they don’t play anymore, there will still be a feeling of regret. 

The highlights of the Stardew Valley APK

– Addictive free gameplay. 

– Wide and diverse world. 

– Role-playing elements combined with simulations reasonably. 

– It can correct mistakes when losing direction. 

How to download and install the Stardew Valley app

To download Stardew Valley, you need to click on the link above the article. After downloading it successfully, you install it as usual. 

Guide to playing the Stardew Valley APK for beginners

  1. Createacharacter 

Create a character

At the character creation screen, you can choose your appearance, name, gender, farm name, and pet that you want to raise. Then, if you want to change the basic appearance of the character (skin colour, shirt, pants, but can’t change sex), or want a new shirt, try giving a gift to the witch. He has a secret room underneath the Magic Tower that can transform your appearance in quantities of 500 gold. 

– There are 24 skin colours, 32 hairstyles, 112 shirts, and 20 accessories to choose from. 

– There are sliders for colour, saturation, and light, so you can customize the eye colour, hair colour, and pants colour. 

– The pet that you have chosen will determine which pet will appear on your farm. 

– The gender you choose does not affect the person you marry in the village. 

– “Your Favourite Thing” is your hobby to be considered in the game. For example, the word “Butts” can make conversations fun, but you may want something less funny like “Discovery” or “Pizza.” 

  1. Control


Shortcuts can be changed in the Menu at the options tab. 

Shortcuts  Description 
W A S D  W up, A left, S down, D right. 
Left mouse, C  Use the tool. 
Right mouse, X  Check/Action. 
Esc, E  Open Menu – Optional card is mentioned here. 
F  Open the mission. 
M  Open the map. 
Left Shift  Walk (If auto-run is enabled). 
1-0, -, +  The bag contains objects or uses mouse scrolls. 
  1. Watch TV and interesting thing

When you wake up on the first day after the game introduction, remember to watch TV on the left-hand side. It will have useful information about today‘s weather/next day, divination, game tips (random), and free recipes (random). Remember to watch it before you go to bed and when you wake up. 

And the first thing you should know is that you can do whatever you want. You will receive an evaluation at the beginning of the third year, but do not consider it the end of the game. You are always encouraged to increase production, however, keep it happy in what you are doing. This game is not specialized in agriculture, but you can see what you can do. Cultivation often brings great income. Neverthelessyou can choose to fish, mow, cut trees, smash rocks, dig ore, fight monsters (in mines), build barns, do crafts, give gifts to neighbours, discover new things, buy furniture for the house, or complete the “Need Help” news from the town board, etc. See what you really want to do and do it right away. 

  1. Cultivation


Mayor Lewis gave you a small housewarming gift to help you quickly start a new life. That’s 15 bags of radish seeds. 

  1. Good tips

Upgrade the sprinkler

The best time to upgrade your sprinkler is the day before the rain or before the last day of a crop. Water your plants and then take the sprinkler to upgrade. Next, let the rain do all the work of the next day and leave without water on the last day of the crop. Unexpectedly, two days later you will have a new quality sprinkler. (Note: Excluding festival days). 

Use spa services whenever possible

On the first day (or the second day of the newer version) in the summer of the first year, the spa will open. When you bathe in the spa, you can restore your energy. This will allow you to work with double productivity every day. 

Complete the watering and go to the spa before digging

After water, go to the spa to restore your energy. After that, go to mining to prepare for future upgrades. 

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  1. Brooke Mcdaniel
    5 out of 5

    This is so amazing! I haven’t had a game like this since Minecraft, where I go to bed planning out in my head what I’m doing the next day. I’m itching to get back to playing, I forget to eat and go to bed because I can’t put it down! I rarely pay for games, but decided to ‘splurge’ for the COVID19 isolation, and boy! did I hit jackpot! This game is so seemingly simple, but blooms into such complexity and longevity. Developers: thank you so much!! PS! I want to breed horses!

    Stardew Valley Stardew Valley

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