The Beginner’s Guide for Making Things in Minecraft

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If you’re looking to make resources, fishing gear and home-improvement stuff in Minecraft, then part 2 of our article on crafting in the game is what you need.

If you read the first installment of our articles on making things in Minecraft, then you’re house in the game must be looking pretty good right now, with its lovely bookshelves, fences and a lack of impostors due to all your weapons that your created.

Now, in part 2, we’ll take you into some new territory. With this piece, we can learn about how to make some more awesome decorations, as well as tools for fishing, resources for constructing new things. 

Let’s get right into it. 

How to Spruce up Your Home in Minecraft

The Beginner’s Guide for Making Things in Minecraft -

Building a home in Minecraft is a great feeling – you can make something that is totally built off of your own personality, When you’re making your house a home, you’ll want all the essential features to include in your little comfortable space, as well as some cool add ons. 

How to Make a Door in Minecraft 

The Beginner’s Guide for Making Things in Minecraft -

Well, you have to start somewhere, and where better than a door? Keep the bad stuff out, and the guests in. As well as that, keep the breeze out. To build a door in Minecraft, you’ll first need to open the crafting table, and then place six blocks of wood in the 3X3 crafting grid, in two columns. There you go – knock, knock! 

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft 

The Beginner’s Guide for Making Things in Minecraft -

If you really want to keep the wolves out, then you’ll have to build some concrete – to achieve this, you’ll need to use the crafting table to make concrete powder. To make this, you’ll need to place four sand blocks, four lots of gravel, and one bone meal. Now you’ve crafted the power, you can start to make the concrete. 

To make concrete, you’ll need to use the water bucket, and put water on the concrete – then, you’ll have to put the water back in the bucket and mix it into concrete. Now you can go about building a solid house, where you can rest your sleepy head in peace. 

How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft

The Beginner’s Guide for Making Things in Minecraft -

To make concrete you need a bucket, and to make a bucket, you need iron ingots. Place three iron ingots in the 3X3 crafting grid from the crafting table – one in the top left, one in the top right, and on in the very middle. Now you can dress up like Buckethead. 

How to Make a Painting in Minecraft 

The Beginner’s Guide for Making Things in Minecraft -

Now you’ve got your nice house, you probably want to put some paintings up around the walls to make it more livable. You have to make your room somewhere you want to live – even if you’re only there for a month. It’s where you lay your head down at night, spend a third of your life, at least. It’s where you rest, contemplate, and meditate. To make a painting in Minecraft, place eight sticks and one bunch of wool in the crafting grid, with the wool directly in the middle of the 3X3 grid. Now your room is beautiful. 

Harvesting Resources

You want to build so many things in Minecraft, and you want to go fishing on Sundays, of course. But you’ll need resources to build things, and you’ll need a boat to fish. 

How to Make a Fishing Boat in Minecraft 

If you want to go and get some fish in Minecraft, then it’s best to have a boat, right? Well, let’s get to crafting a boat in Minecraft. You’ll need to place five wooden blocks in the crafting grid in a U shape. Make sure to keep the bottom three squares empty. Now you have a boat, now you can sail around the world and fish to your heart’s content. 

How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft 

You’d just get bored on your boat without a fishing rod, right? Well, not to worry, making one of these is really easy. Just put three wooden sticks diagonally from the bottom left to the top right, the place two strings in the bottom and middle right squares. Now, you can go out to the lake and catch all the fish you want. 

Fun Stuff 

It isn’t all just building houses and harvesting resources. Sometimes, you just want to blow stuff up or make some stupid stuff. 

How to Make TNT in Minecraft 

Blowing stuff up is one of the most revered actions in video games – everyone loves planting TNT and blowing things up. Everyone loves shooting the red of yellow explosive barrels in action games. Everyone loved the Fat Boy in Fallout 3. To make TNT, you’ll need to place five gunpowder blocks in an X shape in the 3X3 crafting grid, and fill the remaining four squares with sand. Now you have TNT – enjoy! 

How to Get Gunpowder in Minecraft 

Unfortunately, you can’t create gunpowder – otherwise you’d just blow up the whole world, wouldn’t you? To find gunpowder, you’ll need to search around in some dungeons and desert temples and village chests. You can also find it by killing Creepers. Try and find as much as you can to make as much TNT as possible. 

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft 

Staying in on your birthday? Or just wanting to celebrate whatever day of the week in is? Well, fireworks are always a fun pick for anyone looking to blow off some steam and light up the sky above. To make fireworks, you’ll need one piece of paper, and one bit of gunpowder – put the gunpowder in the middle, and the paper on top, in the middle top square. Combine them in the crafting grid, and away you go! If you use more gunpowder then it will fly higher and make a better explosion. Give it a try. 

That’s all, folks

We hope that you learned a lot with our two article series on crafting. We’ll be uploading more tutorials on how to make a portal, how to tame animals, and how to make your own servers and maps, as well as downloading modded versions of Minecraft. If you want to learn about all that cool stuff, then keep following us to see it. 

In the meantime, get on to building your dream house in Minecraft, and then show your friends so they can see how awesome you are! 

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