8 tips to get a high score in Subway Surfers 9

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game where the player assumes the role of a naughty Jake being protected and his dog chasing after paint on the train. You have to overcome the obstacles, try to eat as many coins on the tracks, and also take advantage of the unique items like mystery boxes, keys, weekly bounty event items, etc., they can help to get high prizes while playing.

Here is an article summarizing 8 tips to help you get high scores in Subway Surfers 9.

Tips to get a high score in Subway Surfers 9

1. Perform daily tasks

With daily tasks that require you to pass within 24 hours to receive the corresponding rewards of the game, participating in the daily mission you must collect the required number of letters in the process of being chased. Every day the system will automatically reset different letters, even if you lose halfway, when you play the next turn, the next letters will appear for you to collect.


Work hard on daily quests to receive gifts, in the first 4 days you will only receive gold, but from the 5th day onwards you will receive a super magic box.

2. Pick up the mysterious gift box


The task set in the game is to pick up 1 or 2 mysterious gift boxes on the run, so to complete this task you should play a level for as long as possible. Because the longer you play, the higher the chance of picking up the mysterious gift box, but the longer you hold out, the better, not all players can do it, it requires ingenuity and the player’s luck factor. so many.

3. Click “Save me” if there is a lock


If you get the key, quickly press the “Save me” button when caught by security, so you will save the time of your capture and can continue playing. The number of keys needed for this is time-dependent and will be increased by an exponent of 2.


In addition, you can also Save Me by watching promotional videos.

4. Collect Jetpark boosters and gold magnets


Sometimes you also need to skip gold coins to collect Jetpark and magnets. When using Jetpark, the rocket will propel Jake into the air at maximum flight speed, avoiding the obstacles below. Do not ignore any magnets, because they will attract all the coins around you, adding a lot of gold coins.

5. Jump to reach further


When you are being chased by the guard, if you keep running at the normal speed of the game, you will be caught. Please work hard to jump and fly long distances to be able to keep a safe distance from the security guard chasing behind. You can still get coins in the process, so you don’t have to worry about this.

6. Buy a super-speed skateboard


When you have enough coins to be able to buy a super-speed skateboard, go to the shop and purchase one right away to increase the speed of the skate. When combined with using a super-speed skateboard and multiplying 35 times, your scores also level up rapidly.

7. Try to get as many coins as possible


The coins that appear on the rails will help you multiply your score by x2, x3, x4,…, even x30, the highest level. So, when you come across them on the road, don’t miss the opportunity to get them!

8. Run on the roof of the train


When you run on the roof of the train, there will be less danger because there are fewer obstacles. You can run comfortably without worrying about unexpected obstacles such as under the track. Moreover, the more jumping and rolling on the roof of the ship, the higher your chances of passing your mission. But, be careful and choose to perform this action properly.

Final words

Above are some tips for you to quickly increase your score in Subway Surfers 9. Try to follow our tips above, you will surely succeed to conquer the dangerous roads and far ahead of the fat belly protector in the game.

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