Tips to become a pro player in 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is an online multiplayer pool game, with simple gameplay and goals, for those who want to compete in billiards skills with friends or other players worldwide. Still, many players tend to play aimlessly as this game is straightforward and instructive, therefore, they have missed essential tips to improve billiard shooting skills.

In this article, let’s learn tips to become a pro in 8 Ball Pool.

Tips to become a pro player in 8 Ball Pool

#1. Avoid common small mistakes

Most common mistakes are basic rules that might lead to loss. If your opponent has good skills, he can hit all the balls in his first turn. So, here are a few things to avoid:

  • Hit the number 8 ball before putting the other billiard balls into the hole.
  • Hit the 8 ball on any hole instead of hitting the previously selected hole.
Avoid common small mistakes- Tips to become a pro player in 8 Ball Pool

Other errors:

  • Using up the allotted time will result in giving up the right to place the ball to the opponent. The consequence will be easier for the opponent to execute his shot.
  • Hit your opponent’s ball into the hole.
  • The cue ball does not touch its own ball.
  • The balls do not touch the edge of the pool table.

#2. Choose the right game mode

The game will start with London Table and other tables will unlock as the player level up. Of course, the most advanced table offers more valuable rewards. The rules of the game also become more difficult, for example picking a hole and having to hit all your balls into that hole.

Choose the right game mode- Tips to become a pro player in 8 Ball Pool

In addition, players have to bet more money when playing high-level tables. Choose your game mode wisely and only bet a lot when you are confident in your ability to win.

#3. More precise targeting

Players will get a small aiming line from the target ball, which makes it difficult to align the target ball from the holes. A simple trick is to use a small piece of paper with straight lines, then place the edge of the paper with aiming lines and the target will be enlarged. But, keep in mind that one turn has a limited time, so do this quickly.

More precise targeting- Tips to become a pro player in 8 Ball Pool

The Tap to Aim option in the settings allows gamers to reposition the muscles to aim the ball they want to hit with just one tap, instead of dragging all over the phone screen. Tap to Aim does not align the target for the perfect shot, the player must adjust the aim to hit the ball perfectly. This setting is for gamers only for faster targeting.

#4. Use spins all the time

Spin is a way of adjusting the cue ball in the desired direction to make it easier to hit the next ball. This is the key to becoming a professional player in 8 Ball Pool, especially at the higher levels, where there is no favorable cue position and control.

Use spins all the time- Tips to become a pro player in 8 Ball Pool

For example, if a player is hitting a target near the hole, there is a high chance that the cue ball will roll into that hole too, causing the error mentioned above. But if a backspin is applied, the cue ball will recoil back after hitting the ball. To use the Spin for cue ball, tap the white ball in the top right corner of the screen. Then, place the dot in the appropriate position so that the cue ball has the desired spin or movement.

#5. Make a lot of money before playing higher level

Everyone should accumulate money so that even if they lose, they still have enough money to bet on another match. For example, you have 2500 coins and choose to play in Tokyo Table, if you lose, all this money will be lost, and can’t play anymore.

Make a lot of money before playing higher level- Tips to become a pro player in 8 Ball Pool

To earn more coins, players can ask their friends to send free coins and vice versa. The donation amount is not extracted from the player’s existing coins, so donate coins whenever possible.

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Final words

It can be said that 8 Ball Pool is a completely realistic billiard sports game in terms of fighting style, strategy, and international rules. Becoming a pro player may not be easy at first, but with the tips presented above, Apkafe hopes you will conquer the game effortlessly!

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