Important tips to know when playing Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is a third-person role-playing shooting game, set in a post-apocalyptic world. The player’s task is to recruit various Nikkes and command them to join the battle against the Ruptures. Ruptures are powerful robotic creatures that Nikke, the humanoid robot character, can only destroy. Gamers will have to command Nikke and use them in battles against the forces of evil, progressing through the game levels.

In this article, let’s explore top critical things to understand in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE to get off to a good start.


Things to understand when playing for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Understand Burst types to choose the best Nikke

When choosing the best Nikke for your team, the first factor to consider is the type of NIKKE Burst, which includes Burst I, Burst II, and Burst III. Nikke with Burst I and II usually has a protective or support role, while Burst III is primarily an attacker. Characters can use explosive skills after the meter is continuously filled.

However, Burst can only be used during specific phases. For example, everyone would have to use the Burst I unit’s ability first, and then gain access to Burst II. After using Burst II, you will be able to use Burst III. After completing all three Bursts, everyone will switch to Full Burst mode.


So, gamers have to choose all three Bursts to progress in the battle. If you don’t use the explosive type first, you won’t be able to use the latter. Each skill will have a cooldown of 20 seconds or 40 seconds. Players should combine Nikke with shorter and longer cooldowns to be able to complete stages more often. An effective combination to refer to is 1 Nikke Burst I, 2 Nikke Burst II, and 2 Nikke Burst III.

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Understanding the class and ability of each Nikke

There are 3 Nikke classes for players to choose for their squad. The balance of all these 3 classes is very important to own a strong fighting squad.

  • Attacker: These units have the best damage stats in the game and can act as tanks in the team. They can easily confront the enemy boss in the later stages with their abilities.
  • Defender: Class takes damage for the team, with higher HP and defense stats increasing the player’s ability to protect the player’s team from enemy damage.
  • Supporter: Characters that provide support to teammates in battle. Despite their relatively low attack stats, their healing or support makes them a viable option for the squad.

Also, there are 3 rarity ratings for Nikke in the game, namely SSR, SR, and R. SSR are the strongest Nikke, followed by Nikke with SR rating, and finally R – base characters version that the player will get by default at the start.

Each Nikke excels in a certain environment and can deal extra damage when fighting in its own type of environment. Therefore, Nikke should be chosen not only according to the enemy, but also based on the environment that is about to be fought. This will give gamers 10% more damage, thereby creating better results in the game. The environment types are: Fire, Water, Wind, Electric, and Iron.

All Nikke also have some unique skills as follows:

  • Active skills (manual use)
  • Passive skill (automatic)
  • Explosive skill (manual use)

Understand every weapon type

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE has more than 60 different Nikke for players to choose for their team. The player must choose a team of 5 Nikke before going on a mission. Selecting the most suitable Nikke for a mission is essential as each mission will have different types of enemies that need to deal with a variety of weapons.


There are 6 types of weapons in the game:

  • Assault Rifle: Assault Rifle is a good choice to counter enemies in close and mid-range skirmishes. It has a range of 25 to 45, with a decent reload time, and deals good damage to enemy units.
  • Sub-Machine Gun: This can be used against enemies at close range. They have significant damage and a higher rate of fire with a range of 15 to 36.
  • Shotgun: This weapon is suitable to fight enemies at close range. They have a range from 0 to 25 and cannot deal damage to enemies outside this range. It also has a fairly fast reload time but a low magazine capacity.
  • Sniper Rifle: Sniper Rifle is a good choice to engage enemies at long range. They have a range of 45 to 100 but must be reloaded before firing. It has a higher reload time and less magazine capacity.
  • Rocket Launcher: Rocket Launcher can damage enemies at any range. They have high damage stats but need to be recharged after each shot.
  • Minigun: Minigun or Gatlin Gun can be used against enemies at medium or long range. They range from 35 to 55 with the highest magazine capacity in the game. However, they lack damage and have a longer reload time.

Each Nikke can only use 1 of the 6 weapons above, so it is essential to choose the right Nikke for your team, as well as considering the type of weapon they use and the enemies they will fight. Still, gamers cannot choose all Nikke with the same weapon just because it is suitable for the mission. Different weapons in the team are also a must to fight against the enemies effectively.

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