Apex Legends: 10 Loch Ness Monster locations

Within a week of its launch, Apex Legends, one of the hottest FPS shooting games today, created a new trend for all gamers when it quickly reached 25 million players. In addition to the familiar survival gameplay, this game is also built in the context of a sci-fi world, giving players many particularly interesting experiences.

Not only that, recently some gamers have discovered mysterious monsters while walking in Apex Legends. In which, the most interesting can be mentioned Loch Ness. Let’s discover 10 Loch Ness Monster locations in Apex Legends through the following tutorial!

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Apex Legends: 10 Loch Ness Monster locations

Loch Ness Monster in Apex Legends

Players have found a small stuffed animal representing the Loch Ness Monster all over the map in the game. This is a tradition of Respawn Entertainment, before that, a similar stuffed animal was also found in the map of Titanfall.

As a reflex when sawing the stuffed animal, gamers need to shoot to see what happened. After doing that, an inscription “A Nessy Appears…” immediately appeared, signaling the existence of Loch Ness.

Loch Ness Monster in Apex Legends- Apex Legends: 10 Loch Ness Monster locations

10 locations to hunt Loch Ness Monsters in Apex Legends

To be able to learn about the mystery of these stuffed animals, players need to find and shoot them down at the following 10 locations in the correct order:

  1. River area in Cascades
  2. At Skull Town
  3. At Slum Lakes
  4. Mountain area near the sea in Relay
  5. At Water Treatment
  6. The hilly area is located between Runoff and The Pit.
  7. At Wetlands
  8. East of Hydro Dam
  9. Southeast side of Bunker, house area near river
  10. Sea area in Swamps

It’s not clear if this secret has anything more interesting than little Nessy coming up to say hello. Or, this could be a spark for more group activities or in-game events in the future like Fortnite did.

10 locations to hunt Loch Ness Monsters in Apex Legends- Apex Legends: 10 Loch Ness Monster locations

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Final words

Thus, Apkafe has just compiled the locations where players can search for Loch Ness Monsters in Apex Legends. Hopefully, in the future, we can find and witness more interesting things in the universe and the world of Titanfall.
Apex Legends is available only on EA’s Origin system and also on 3 platforms: PC, XBox One, and PS4. Let’s download and experience the game today!

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