The role of animals in Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck is a social reasoning game with stealth and deceptive gameplay similar to Among Us and Super Sus. There are more than 25 roles in all, which will be randomly assigned to the players. Each character will have a different ability, characteristic, and purpose.

To win, you need to carefully learn each character to make accurate guesses, and easily detect or deceive others, to achieve your goals. This article will help you achieve that!

The role of animals in Goose Goose Duck

The roles of the animals in Goose Goose Duck

*Neutral role – Assigned to any goose or duck

  • Bird Dodo: Win if chosen by someone else. To be selected, you must appear suspicious and convince others that you are a duck.
  • Vulture: Eat the carcasses of slain geese to win. The corpse will be removed if discovered by others and the meeting proceeds.
  • Pigeon: This species is like a zombie, trying to infect all other players to win. Don’t let yourself be voted out or killed by ducks.
  • Falcon: If you survive to the end, when the geese win over the ducks, you also win. If there are 3 players left, a timer will start and within that time you are alive wins the game.
Neutral role - Assigned to any goose or duck- The role of animals in Goose Goose Duck

*The role of the geese

  • Gavy: Complete missions will increase the bonuses you get at the end of the game. If you get killed by the duck, he will get a bonus.
  • Mechanic: The only species that can use vents.
  • Snoop: Hide in the nooks and crannies.
  • Vigilante: Can kill any player without consequences, be it goose or duck.
  • Technician: Detect the approximate location from where the vandalism started on the minimap.
  • Birdwatcher: Has limited vision but can see through walls.
  • Medium: Ghosts of dead geese can be seen.
  • Canadian: If you are killed by a duck, the killer will be automatically reported after a short period of time.
  • Police: Can kill anyone, but will also be executed if you kill the wrong goose.
  • Mimic Goose: The other duck sees you as a duck but can kill you.
  • Detective: You have one check to see if the player has killed someone in this game.
  • Bodyguard: Get bonuses by protecting a specific player until the end of the game.
The role of the geese- The role of animals in Goose Goose Duck

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*The role of the ducks

  • Cannibal Duck: Eat the corpses of other animals in battle so that no one can report them.
  • Silent Duck: Mute players in every meeting, useful when someone knows you’re the killer.
  • Spy: Can find out a player’s role if you are the only one to vote for him in the meeting.
  • Assassination Duck: Can kill a goose by correctly guessing their role in the meeting, if wrong, you will die.
  • Pro: Can’t self-report after killing and other geese can’t see the player’s body you’ve killed, the incident will be automatically reported.
  • Hitman: If you kill a specific player, you get a bonus at the end of the game.
  • Lover: Has a bond with another player and wins if both are the last ones alive.
  • Transformation Duck: Impersonate another player.
The role of the ducks- The role of animals in Goose Goose Duck

Thus, Apkafe has just passed the roles of the characters you need to know in Goose Goose Duck. With mastery of the above, you might win the game at ease!

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