Top 5 support characters in Free Fire

Besides the gunners and strong attacking characters, the support characters in Free Fire also play an important role when participating in team combat. For professional players, they already have suitable options, but for newbies, this might be not easy. Below, Apkafe will list the best 5 support characters in Free Fire.

Top 5 best support characters in Free Fire

#1. Clu

  • Active skill: Tracing Steps
Clu- Top 5 support characters in Free Fire

The active skill Tracing Steps allows Clu to locate enemies around her while not sitting or lying down. Her best skill can share information with teammates, so try to be fully capable of becoming a team navigator. When entering new areas to change positions into deeper circles, Clu’s importance becomes more evident.

#2. Kapella

  • Passive skill: Healing Song
Kapella- Top 5 support characters in Free Fire

Kapella has a special skill called Healing Song that increases the effects of healing items as well as skills, in addition to reducing the speed of an ally’s blood loss when falling. When you have her on your team, you can be completely confident because the knockdown time will be extended with the extra health recovery skill that Kapella brings.

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#3. Moco

  • Passive skill: Hacker’s Eye
Moco- Top 5 support characters in Free Fire

Awakened Moco’s special skill marks enemies when he deals damage and lasts longer if the enemy moves. Moco has the ability to share information, all her teammates can also see the location of the enemy when they are wearing Moco’s mark on them.

#4. Olivia

  • Passive skill: Healing Touch
Olivia- Top 5 support characters in Free Fire

Olivia is a healer that helps allies who have fallen down after being saved by her regain some health. Normally after being saved, it will take a little longer for you to heal than the coins will be. Her team can be completely confident and fight to their deaths in no time.

#5. Thiva

  • Passive skill: Vital Vibes
Thiva- Top 5 support characters in Free Fire

Thiva with his Vital Vibes skill helps him to save fallen teammates in a faster time. In addition, Thiva after being saved by an ally will be restored to an additional amount of health enough to continue fighting. Thiva is like an upgraded version of Olivia.

To conclude

With easy tips for 5 support characters in Free Fire, winning the battles is not so challenging. Hopefully, our article is helpful to you. Thank you and see you in the next post!

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