How to build Gepard – the strongest Tanker in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest fantasy role-playing game from the HoYoverse family – the creators of Genshin Impact. Players will embark on a journey to explore the planets to find answers about the danger that threatens the universe.

The generals in the game are also detailed with unique skills, rated from 1 to 5 stars. And, one of the most prominent is Gepard – The Tanker is said to be the strongest today.

Let’s learn about this champion and how to build Gepard in this article!

How to build Gepard - the strongest Tanker in Honkai: Star Rail

About Gepard

Gepard is the captain of the Silver Mane Iron Guard of Belolog City. He comes from the noble Landau family, the older brother of Serval. He is extremely serious with an attitude that exudes majesty and integrity.

He can be one of the characters that take on the role of block, creating a shield for the whole team but still having stable output damage. With Gepard on your team, you’ll need some characters that deal primary damage with one or no healer on the team if he is strong enough to carry the team in the survival range.

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Gepard’s special abilities

Gepard possesses the most powerful Ice-type attack power among Honkai: Star Rail characters. Each of his basic attacks deals damage equal to 50% of his power.

His main ability is to block attacks with a huge amount of HP and amazing damage reduction. This character’s Ultimate and Technique also increase the ability to withstand simultaneously, creating a shield for the whole team that reduces damage equivalent to 24%.

Gepard’s special abilities- How to build Gepard - the strongest Tanker in Honkai: Star Rail

Meanwhile, the Talent helps himself not to control his power after receiving a fatal blow. In addition, the Skill has the role of freezing the opponent for a turn, taking damage up to 30% in each round, and creating an advantage for teammates.

Therefore, players can choose to upgrade their Ultimate and Technique first if they want to put all their energy into defense. If you want a more balanced character, then the duo of Ultimate and Attack will be a great choice.

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How to build Gepard in Honkai: Star Rail

Light Hat

For Gepard, the Moment of Victory is a 5-star weapon for this character. This is a Hat of Light that allows Gepard to become a wall while increasing defense, increasing the accuracy of effects, and increasing the probability of causing the opponent to attack himself more.

After Gepard is attacked, his defense will increase until the end of his round. Other acceptable choices for Gepard are It’s Me!, Landau’s Choice, or First Date.

Light Hat- How to build Gepard - the strongest Tanker in Honkai: Star Rail

Relics and Accessories

With gameplay that favors tanking, Gepard’s favorite set of Relics will be the Holy Knight of the Pope Pure Court with a passive that increases defense and increases the shield that Gepard creates. The accessory that many consider suitable for Gepard will be the Builder’s Belobog because it increases defense and activates the increase in defense when using an effect.

Above is the basic information about the tanker Gepard as well as how to build him in Honkai: Star Rail. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!

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