Too busy to join a conversation on Facebook Messenger? This is how to read a Facebook message without being seen.

Facebook Messenger has a lot of great uses, but when you don’t feel like getting in touch or participating in a conversation, it’s a pain. You can’t ignore that message notification on your phone, but if you read the message, you’ll feel compelled to respond immediately – and sometimes, that’s unrealistic. We will show you how to unseen the Facebook message.

I. Read the Facebook message from the notification center

This is the easiest and simplest way. If your smartphone is connected to the internet and uses Facebook Messenger, then each time a message arrives, the application will display a notification with the content of that message.

This way, you can quickly read the Facebook message without being seen. However, if there are many messages at the same time or the message content is too long, this method cannot be used.

II. Activate Airplane mode before viewing the Facebook message

When you receive a notification with a Facebook message from Messenger, you immediately turn on Airplane mode and see the message content without having to “fear” the recipient to know that you have watched.

Activate Airplane mode before viewing messages-HOW TO READ FACEBOOK MESSAGES WITHOUT BEING SEEN.jpeg

When Airplane mode is on, your device will suspend all access to the internet. This will prevent the messaging app from connecting to the server to enable “seen Facebook message” mode when you check them. After watching, just exit the app and deactivate the Airplane mode to open the normal connection again.

III. Use the extension for Google Chrome

If you are often online on your computer, you can use some of the following extensions for the Google Chrome browser.

1. J2TeaM Security

This is an extension developed by the author “Manh Tuan” from J2TeaM. Overall, this utility offers users a variety of options to help protect privacy, as well as customize the look and feel of web-based Facebook. Due to the topic of the article, we only focus on the ability to disable “seen” notifications when reading the Facebook message.

Activated explicitly as follows:


Use Google Chrome to install J2TeaM Security to the browser.

Once the installation has completed, restart Google Chrome. Once the reboot has finished, right-click on the J2TeaM Security utility icon and select “Options”.


The setup window appears, scroll to the “Privacy (Facebook)” group and select the “Block seen in chat” option. The change will take effect immediately.

In addition, J2TeaM Security also provides some other pretty good options. Readers can learn more and activate if desired.

2. Facebook ™ Chat Privacy

After installing Facebook ™ Chat Privacy, click on the extension icon and click on “Disable” on the first option. So you now can read the Facebook message without being seen.

3. Unseen the Facebook Message

Also, another simple utility, the function is similar to the application above.

Step 1: Visit the Chrome web store, search for the Unseen app. Then, go to Add to Chrome.

Step 2: After installing successfully, you need to click on the icon, as shown in the picture. There will appear an options panel for you. Here, we choose Block the “seen” feature of the chat to block the status of viewing Facebook message of the partner.

So easy, right? Hope the article will be useful for you.


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