Fortnite Battle Royale is always free, evolving multiplayer game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac and iOS/Android.

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With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) frenzy all over the world, many types of games have adopted the same strategy, and one of them is Fortnite with the impressive Battle Royale mode. Because of this, the relationship between PUBG and Fortnite begins to become tense. Especially after the vice president of Bluehole, Inc. (a South Korean video game developer that is best known for developing PUBG) criticized Epic Games, Inc. (an American video game and software development company that is the father of Fortnite). He said that while Bluehole is cooperating with Epic Games to apply the Unreal Engine 4 to PUBG, making a product similar to PUBG of Epic Games is not fair play. 

However, it is a story between the game developers, and the gamer’s job is to play only. So, whether you’re on any side, let’s dismiss your prejudices to enjoy one of the highest-quality Fortnite Battle Royale games available at the present time. And the best of all, Fortnite is completely free. Yes, exactly. 

Why is Fortnite mobile so appealing? 

+ It owns a story like a dream in the genre of survival game. A game category that can be said has attracted millions of gamers during the past. The real reason is simply that because it is very different and unique when compared to dozens of other types of older games. 

+ In this game, you will participate in skydiving from an unnamed aircraft to a land of death. There are more than 100 assassins here like you. If you do not quickly find yourself weapons, items to fight and kill other gunmen, you will be the first to be destroyed. 

+ Fortnite Map is extremely diverse. Therefore, you can see any type of terrain in Fortnite such as the sea, desert, forest, town, city, etc. 

+ Fortnite Skin is very beautiful and is one of the factors that fascinate players. It was a modern weapon system, stylish clothes, and cute animals. 

+ Fortnite season is constantly updated and released to add features, map system, weapons, skins, etc. and fix minor errors from the player’s feedback. 

+ The most impressive thing is that the Fortnite is completely free of charge. In contrast to PUBG, you have to spend about $30 to buy the copyright. Furthermore, Fornite doesn’t have Cash Shop to sell the items with real money. 

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Instructions to download Fortnite APK

– Fornite for iOS 

You need to register for an account at Epicgames site to play Fortnite. Access to the link: You can sign up with PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Facebook, or Gmail. 

You must enter your first and last name, display name, email, and password. A note for you is to register with a real email for later convenience. After signing on, go to your email to verify, log in to your account, and download Fortnite. 

– Fornite for android 

You need to follow these steps to download Fortnite for Android: 

1. Visit the link .


3. After registering with Facebook or Google account (or fill information in the sections below), choose your smartphone name in “Select Android Device”. 

 4.  A link to download the Fortnite Mobile game will be sent to your registered email (or your Facebook/Google). The rest is simple, you just need to download, install, and enjoy.


If your smartphone is not listed, select “Other Android Device.” After that, the manufacturer will automatically send the link to download the game to you as soon as possible. 

Tips to become a professional Fortnite gamer 

Enhance watching stream videos of the best Fortnite players 

Fortunately, many streamers have guided the Fortnite recently, so this is an excellent opportunity for you to study. Viewing this content will give you an overview of the entire game. Streamer often offers extremely useful suggestions to help you handle effectively when you encounter difficult situations. 

Be brave to hold a gun to fight 

The best way for you to win a gun battle is to participate in numerous combats with many people. In the early time, you should not worry too much about winning the Victory Royale because the experience is the most important thing. In each game, you should try to extend the time to the maximum. 

Avoid confrontation and focus on building 

In addition to participating in the war, you should also take the time to build in your safe areas. You need to start collecting the necessary materials like wood and stone. When you have a full stockpile, try to build a path up to the hill or a bridge. 

Let’s land on the roof of a house 

In Battle Royale, when you discover the world map, you will see there are locations ready to loot equipment and bullets. Our recommendation is to focus on the roof. You can loot lots of good stuff hidden in the attic and the other similar locations. You can get a gun, bullet, grenade, shield, etc. 

Optimize your storing place 

Managing your warehouse in Fortnite Battle Royale is really important because you will have more and more weapons and equipment. You must take the time to carefully check what you have and what you should pick up/remove. You need a comprehensive collection of devices and are always ready to attack. 

Actively observe and listen 

Listen to your surroundings and pay close attention to where you hear gunshots. Careful listening will help you know exactly where your opponent is and set up the tactics to fight more effectively. 

Join in a squad 

Fortnite Battle Royale allows you to participate in a battle with a team of four players. This is a huge benefit when you start the game. Experienced players are usually happy to collaborate and share with their team mates. When you are familiar with this game, join a team immediately to learn from your friends. 

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    Hi sir I’m a big fan of epic Games and I want to play fortnite and I tried to download it more than 20 to 30 times and I wasted too much data on it but my phone is still not playing fortnite…it say “your device is not compatible of this game” please sir how can I play fortnite on my phone it’s my dream.

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