Tips To Play Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a fast-paced, colorful 3rd-person action shooter from Epic Games. The game places you alongside up to 99 other players in an ever-shrinking map. To get used to the game quickly, Apkafe will show you the basic tip to play Fortnite: Battle Royale in the following article.



Step 1: First, you must have Epic Games Launcher. If not, please refer to the article to download Fortnite, where we have instructions on how to download Epic Games Launcher, including Fortnite. 

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Step 2: After you have completed the above article and already installed Fortnite on your computer, you open Epic Games Launcher and proceed to login. 

Tips to play Fortnite – Sign in interface

Step 3: Click on Launch to be able to access Fortnite game immediately. Note that the America server should be used because testing shows that this server has the most stable number of ping. 

Step 4: It will take less than 1 minute to enter the game interface Fortnite. 

Step 5: There are two modes here. For the original Save the World, you will have to spend money on this mode. The Battle Royale is the mode we are in need. And I bet you’ve already known what mode to choose to play Battle Royale on Fortnite. 

Step 6: Right after entering the game, we can click Play to proceed to play Battle Royale on Fortnite immediately. 

Or, you go to Settings to set up configuration as well as the shortcuts in the game. 

Step 7: The process of finding the game is quite fast, and once enough 100 friends, you will be in the game. 

The system gives you an initial 1 minute to prepare as well as gather 100 people for the match. 

You will then be on a flying car and parachuting from there to choose a location. 

Selecting houses is essential because, inside the houses, there are a lot of weapons, ammunition for you to start the game. 

After landing on the ground, you look for weapons. This is the most popular way to play Battle Royale on Fortnite. 

Always pay attention to the map to know the localized system of the game. 

And unfortunately, if someone defeats you, your game will end there, and you have to look for another level.

Good luck! 

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