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Product Description

At the moment, Hulu is a movie and live TV watching application loved by many viewers. It is providing over 50 live and on-demand channels including movies, shows, music, news, sports, etc. Hulu also allows you to view the top popular TV channels such as FOX, NBC, Disney Channel, ABC, Cartoon Network, FX, A&E, etc. 

Why should you choose Hulu? 

Hulu’s interface is designed extremely simple and modern. It includes an intuitive menu, playback control key, volume control bar, and several other keys. It integrates rich and streamlined help documentation so that all users can easily manipulate it. 

With the stream, you can stream live TV for sports, watch shows, live news, and hot events on your favorite devices. Browse episodes and watch shows all in one place with a personalized plan that works for you—Hulu, or Hulu + Live TV.

Comparison between Hulu Live TV and Youtube TV  

YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV are two of the most popular cable TV alternatives, but is one better than the other? We will show you the difference of both TV stream services below.

Hulu with Live TV YouTube TV
Starting Price (per month) $55 $50 ($55 when paid via Apple)
Channels (in entry-level package) More than 60 More than 70 plus YouTube Red Originals
DVR Yes Yes
On-Demand Yes Yes
Device Support Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Amazon Echo Show, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, Computers, iOS, LG Smart TVs, Nintendo Switch, Roku, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 Android, Apple TV, Chromecast & Chromecast-enabled TVs, Computers, iOS, Roku, Xbox One, Smart TVs, PS4

How many devices on Hulu?

You can stream Hulu’s on-demand library from any of the devices listed below, and there’s no limit to how many devices you add. However, you can only have one active stream per account at any given time.

The outstanding features

– No Ads. 

– High-quality video and live streaming video in HD and 4K standards. 

– Convenient installation and a beautiful interface. 

– Hulu Sport allows you to watch all matches in all genres. 

– View on any device, at anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. 

– It only costs $14.99/month (not free of charge like YouTube but much cheaper than cable TV). 

Guide to download and install Hulu APK

Nowadays, Hulu is available on Android and iOS operating systems, so you can download it at the link above this article. Install easily in just a few seconds. You can choose packages of $14.99/month, 3 months, or 1 year. In addition, you must pay an additional $39 to see the Hulu Sports program, so that you have to create an account to be able to pay. Unfortunately, the app is only used in the U.S. and Japan. Hopefully, in the future, it will be available in many other countries. 


Overall, Hulu is a great video viewer application. Although you have to be paid, the price is extremely reasonable compared to the benefits that you receive. With it, you can see everything, on all devices, at any time, and anywhere. 

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1 review for Hulu

  1. Johnny Bates
    5 out of 5

    This app is by far the best for watching shows, It’s easy to find what you want and theres always a wide variety of recommended, I personally think this looks A LOT better than Netflix, plus it has a lot of animes, yeah you could use crunchyroll but that takes forever to load and it cant download ep…

    Hulu Hulu

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