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Tubemate is a YouTube video download tool and this is the easiest way to get your favorite online videos. Compared to many other mobile video download applications, Tubemate has many advantages such as quick downloads, multiple file downloads, the ability to customize video quality, and can recover unfinished downloads. 

Why should you use the Tubemate APK to download videos from YouTube?

The latest version of Tubemate 3.2.7 has significantly improved file download speed and added quality options. Its interface has also been redesigned to be more elegant and brighter. And most of all, it helps download the best videos for users. 

Tubemate is an application that helps you to download videos from YouTube to mobile devices in many different formats. The advantage of Tubemate is the ability to download multiple files simultaneously, allowing a wide selection of different resolutions, and the ability to convert music videos to mp3 format. In addition, it helps you recover unfinished downloading videos and suddenly stops suddenly due to certain reasons.  

Tubemate is a support application on Android phones with the ability to download videos on YouTube and videos on other websites. Tubemate has fast download speeds and allows downloading multiple videos simultaneously to help you save time. And the most interesting thing is that you can choose the resolution of the videos when downloading. Tubemate application for the Android operating system supports downloading videos on phone models like Samsung, Oppo, Zenfone, HTC, etc. 

You just need to install Tubemate, then access the website to download the video, select the size of the downloaded video, download the video, and finally, you can enjoy the video on your device. Another advantage of Tubemate is that it supports many operating system versions of different mobile devices such as Android, iOS, or Java. When downloading on any phone, users can freely choose the quality and resolution levels to suit their intended use. 

Tubemate has the ability to recover unfinished downloading videos due to Internet loss or being converted to mp3 format. Even, users can customize the resolution of the video after it has been downloaded, support saving the video to a folder, or convert them to mp3 format for easy enjoyment. 

Tubemate is available in Tubemate APK, Tubemate for Samsung Galaxy, Tubemate for Oppo, Tubemate for Zenfone, Tubemate for HTC, as well as Tubemate for Xiaomi. What kind of smartphone do you use? Download Tubemate of that type to get support for downloading videos from YouTube. 

Main features of the Tubemate APK

– Search videos quickly: While using it, you just need to remember the video name, singer, or whatever. Tubemate will help you find them very quickly. You just need to click on the search toolbar to experience it immediately. 

– Watch high-quality videos: With Full HD video playback, you can edit video quality at levels suitable for you like 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k, etc. In addition, if your phone is using the Internet with low quality, Tubemate will choose the right video for you to watch the video smoothly. 

– Download videos for free: You don’t need to pay anything but also high-quality videos. Tubemate offers a full HD download feature for those who want to download videos to their phones to watch. 

– Comment, share: To use this feature, you need to login to your Google account. You can post your comments on videos to social networking sites like the Facebook, Google +, Twiter, etc. 

– Zoom in and zoom out the video: To get a better experience, you can turn on the zoom mode or rotate the screen to best suit you. 


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