How to Download MP3 From YouTube – Complete Guide

There are millions of videos on YouTube, with more than 5 billion videos watching on the streaming giant every day. Among these videos, being watched by more than 1.3 billion active users, up to 40% of them are music videos according to the music industry. Actually, it is not difficult to download MP3 from Youtube video online. With just one click here, you’ll have the most useful Youtube video downloader, called Snaptube. So, now go to  Download SnapTube APK – free music, video MP3_MP4 YouTube.

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Why Download MP3 from YouTube?

On top of music, YouTube is home to the now-revered content producers. These are the cherry on top of YouTube and they provide users with constantly updated talks, shows and more. This is a great way for everyday people to get a long, unedited insight into people in the spotlight.

YouTube is also home to many inspirations talks, motivational videos and educational lectures, which you can freely download onto your device to listen to when you’re commuting to work, hitting the gym or just driving around town. Now, more and more people are starting to see it as an alternative platform for reporting journalism, spreading educational material, and of course watching cat videos.

Why Download MP3 from YouTube?- How to Download MP3 From YouTube - Complete Guide

Besides Youtube, other social channels like Facebook or Twitter contain numerous interesting videos.

How to Download MP3 From YouTube?

Now that you’ve got the low-down on what you could be downloading, let’s take a peek at the various ways that downloading MP3 from YouTube works. 


YouTube to MP3 Converter works in your browser and is the easiest way to convert YouTube videos to audio files. It’s a simple way to download MP3 from YouTube on a PC or Mac.

To use YouTube to MP3 Converter, just open the website and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to slice the audio from into the available field. Then press convert and the MPS file will be taken, click download and it’ll be downloaded onto your device where you can find it in the files.

How to download MP3 from Youtube with Chrome extension?

>> In this case, you can try the Youtube Chrome extension. It’s a free Chrome extension to download Youtube videos on your PC works for both Mac and Windows. After the extension is introduced in your Chrome browser, you can do without much of a stretch download any Youtube recordings on Youtube by tapping the download connects under the recordings.

Download Youtube Chrome

How to download MP3 from Youtube on Firefox?

>> YouTube Converter to MP3 is the easiest online service for converting YouTube videos to MP3. You do not need an account, the only thing you need is to install this simple extension. You can use it with your Firefox, and it is completely free and safe. It needs approximately 30 to 60 seconds per video download only. However, once you are on the page just refresh the screen and a magic button will appear that says ”download” which will enable you to convert your music file into mp3 audio.

Youtube Converter to MP3 Download here


This app for Android allows you to both download entire videos from YouTube as well as simply cut the audio file. The app works similar to the above-mentioned website, only it is an app for Android.

To use it, simply open the app and then open YouTube and get the URL of the video you want to turn to an MP3 file, then go back into the app and paste the URL to start the download. You can this as many times as you want as the app allows for multiple downloads at once. Once they’re all finished, you’ll be able to find all your MP3 files in one easy to navigate place, saving you from having to crawl through your files to find them all. 

This is a much more convenient option for Android and makes downloading YouTube MP3 files a freeze, try it out now. You can also set up a password lock on the app and download from other streaming sites as well as YouTube. 

YTD - DOWNLOAD MP3 FROM YOUTUBE FOR ANDROID- How to Download MP3 From YouTube - Complete Guide


There are many reasons why you should try this free tool:

1. Download free YouTube converter for iPhone
2. Copy YouTube links you want to convert to MP3 to iPhone
3. Paste links into Freemake YouTube MP3 app
4. Choose a format for your iPhone
5. Convert YouTube for iPhone

To use it, first you have to click on the link to get the exe file on your computer. Freemake Youtube to iPhone conversion software can be installed on Windows desktops and laptops only. The supported Win versions are Win Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10.

Next, run the exe file to install Freemake freeware. Accept freeware EULA and choose a full installation option. Wait till the process completes and run the utility.

Continue to run your default or any other web-browser and open the main YouTube page. In the search bar, type the title of an MP3 or a clip that you want. Choose it from search results. Preview a clip to make sure it’s right what you need. Then select YouTube link and press Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy it.

Finally, open Freemake YouTube MP3 Converter for iPhone and click the “Paste URL” button to add your link to the program. You may add more YT links one by one. You can also paste URLs by pressing the Ctrl+V keys.

Wait till the software detects the content from the link.

Here is the link to download the Youtube Converter tool.

Wrapping Up

If you’re using an Android device then we definitely recommend you use SnapTube to download audio files from YouTube. If you’re using a PC or iOS device, then you can use the YouTube to MP3 Converter website to easily convert videos instead. We hope that you found this article helpful – now, get to downloading all the audio you want from YouTube, totally free.

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