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Product Description

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the free applications that help support communication, messaging, video call, sharing photos, videos, etc. which is the most popular in the world. It comes with Zalo, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc. always has an extremely large number of users and is growing very fast (both on smartphones and the web platform). 

The main features of the WhatsApp Messenger APK

– No hidden costs: After you have downloaded this application with your friends, you can use it to chat with them, as you like. You can send millions of messages a day to your friends at no cost. WhatsApp uses the 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi Internet connection to send and receive messages. 

– Multimedia: Send videos, images, and voice notes to friends and relatives. 

– Group chat: Enjoy group calls with people in your contact list. 

– International calls are free: Just like you send international emails for free, you won’t lose money to send WhatsApp messages between countries. You can chat comfortably with friends all over the world for as long as you want if they also install WhatsApp Messenger like you. You don’t have to worry about expensive international phone calls. 

– Starred messages: Touch and hold a conversation to mark with the star. You will easily find them when needed (similar to the Bookmark feature). If you want to review, you can access the link: Chats Tab => Menu => Starred Messages. 

– Backup data to Google Drive: Back up chat content and media data to Google Drive. In case you lose your device or want to upgrade to a new Android phone, you can quickly recover them. To enable this feature, go to Settings => Chats and Calls => Chat Backup. 

– No need for pin and username: WhatsApp works with your phone number (like SMS) and fully integrates with the contact list on the device. 

– No need to login/logout: No more trouble with logging out from another device or computer. WhatsApp can push notifications, so it always maintains connectivity. 

– No need to make friends: The user’s address book is used to connect to the contact list automatically. Anyone who has installed WhatsApp Messenger will automatically display. 

– Offline messages: Even if you turn off your phone, WhatsApp will save the message offline until you can read it the next time you use the application. 

– Now the links you share or receive from friends are supported with preview mode (including thumbnails and titles). You can choose to enable or disable this feature. 

– Support sharing feature directly on the device and allow users to quickly select a conversation when sharing content from another application (Android 6.0+). Compatible with access requirements of Android 6.0. 

– Add new languages ​​like Kazakh, Tagalog, Uzbek, Marathi, and Malayalam. 

– Send and receive PDF documents quickly. When attaching a PDF file, tap “Browse other docs…” to select it from a specific source such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. 

– Custom notification settings, the mute mode for each conversation, and mark read or unread conversations. 

– Users can touch and hold emoji to choose different colors. For example, the Vulcal hand icon from the Star Trek movie and the middle finger icon come with vulgar meaning. Users can touch and hold to change skin color. 

– When you have someone’s phone number, you can send a message or save address quickly if they have used WhatsApp. 

– Reduce the usage of calls on WhatsApp by accessing Settings => Chats and Calls. 

– Adding message sharing and forwarding features: Now users can send messages to multiple conversations at the same time. When you forward or share them, WhatsApp will suggest addresses you frequently contact. 

– While recording a video, users can slide their finger up or down to zoom in or out. 

– Add a flash on the front to help you take photos in the dark. 

– Quickly reply to new messages from notifications. 

– A quick selection button in conversation allows sending photos or videos from the gallery. 

– Choose a single background color for chat. 

– Quickly store, delete, or multiple mute chats at the same time. You need to touch and hold a conversation and then click on other chats. 

– Format text in messages with special characters such as bold, italic, or horizontal. 

– Additional features: Share location, exchange contact lists, customize wallpaper and notification sounds, landscape mode, accurate timestamps for messages, email chat history, spread SMS and MMS for multiple contacts at once, etc. 

How to download the WhatsApp app on the Apkafe

You need to click on the link above the article. WhatsApp is currently available on all operating systems. You can choose the operating system that suits your usage needs, such as iOS, Android, or Microsoft. After that, you proceed to install and use it as usual.  

How to send a broadcast message on the WhatsApp APK

– Step 1: Launch WhatsApp from your smartphone.  

– Step 2: Tap “Chats” on the navigation bar.  

– Step 3: Select “Broadcast Message.”  

– Step 4: Tap on contacts to select them as recipients of the message. You can send a broadcast message to a maximum of 256 contacts.  

 – Step 5: Confirm your selection of recipients. The “Done” button will change to reflect the number of recipients you have selected for your broadcast message, out of a maximum of 25. Tap this button.  

– Step 6: Type your message and attach a photo, video, location, or contact if you wish.   

– Step 7: Tap “Send” to send your Broadcast Message.  

How to send the stickers in the WhatsApp APK

– Step 1: Understand how stickers work in WhatsAppWhatsApp does not support the stickers.  

– Step 2: Open your device’s AppStore.  

– Step 3: Search for a sticker app.   

– Step 4: Open the sticker app to find a sticker.   

– Step 5: Tap the one that you want to use.   

– Step 6: Add your selected one to WhatsApp. 


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