WhatsApp Web – The comfortable way to stay connected on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps available today, bought by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion. It is clear that the WhatsApp team focuses on keeping their user base satisfied and comfortable. WhatsApp Web is a feature of the application that allows its users to use the messaging app on their computer/laptop. 

How to use WhatsApp Web on PC and Mac

How to use WhatsApp Web on PC and Mac-WhatsApp Web - The comfortable way to stay connected on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for a desktop are different in the sense that the first you open in your browser and the latter is a desktop app for your computer. The desktop app is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Using WhatsApp Web is very easy. Go to www.whatsapp.com and select WhatsApp Web on the top menu, the first option to the left. The page will display a WhatsApp Web QR code that you need to scan with your phone to log in to WhatsApp web. In order to scan the QR code with your phone, open the WhatsApp app and tap the top right button with the three dots. This button will open a menu. Select the option that’s labelled WhatsApp Web and scan the barcode on your computer screen. Boom! You can now read, receive and send messages using your computer.

Using WhatsApp Web is almost exactly the same as using the mobile app, with a few exceptions. On the Web app, you’ll find a panel on the left that takes up about a quarter of the screen. At the top left of this panel is your WhatsApp profile. To the right are three buttons that view statuses, start new chats and brings up a small menu with settings respectively. Under these buttons is a search bar and below that is your list of chats. On the remaining three-quarters of your screen to the right, you’ll see your active chat.

This section also works exactly the same as the mobile version. At the top of this section is buttons that are used to search, attach files and select the chat menu. Down below, at the bottom of the screen is the chat bar. On the chat bar, is the button for emoji’s and sending voice recordings.

Some notes when using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web makes life a lot easier when you’re a student, office worker or a serious gamer. When you’re focussed on a task, you don’t want your phone buzzing next to the computer or in your pocket. As you use it, you still see and maybe hear the notification but you can keep your concentration fixed on the task before your eyes. When you have the gap to attend to the messages, you can do it without picking up your phone. WhatsApp Web makes sure you only have one device to worry about as you work or on your computer. The only requirement, that may be a little inconvenient, is that your phone should remain connected to a network.

One of the main issues is that the voice call and video call feature has not been added. I don’t know what obstacle the design team have encountered, to exclude these functions, but they better jump over it in double quick time. Otherwise, they better have the absolute best excuse in the world for not adding them, because the call and video call features are an important part of WhatsApp that I find very useful.

If you finish using the feature, closing the window is not good enough. Be very careful when using the web on a public computer. You need to select the menu and click on the logout button. Otherwise, you will log in to WhatsApp Web and visible for someone else to see if they launch the page in a browser.

The pros and cons of WhatsApp Web 

The pros and cons of WhatsApp Web -WhatsApp Web - The comfortable way to stay connected on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Web is a well designed and integrated part of the WhatsApp app. It offers users an easier way to stay connected while working on their computer.


  • Using WhatsApp Web makes life more comfortable when working or studying.
  • The interface is similar to the mobile version. This familiarity makes the use of the feature effortless.
  • Connecting your WhatsApp account is fast and uncomplicated.
  • The interface is designed to make the most important functions quickly accessible.


  • In order to use the web version, you need to stay connected to a network on your phone. This also means you have to turn on cell phone.
  • The web version doesn’t log out and can leave your account vulnerable.
  • The web feature does not include the voice- and video call function.

Wrap up

If you look at the big picture, the WhatsApp Web and desktop version is a brilliant addition to the WhatsApp app. It’s nearly identical to the mobile app. Users of the mobile application will have no problem to use the desktop or web version.

The WhatsApp Web login process is fast and uncomplicated. The fact that you need to connect and turn your cell phone, but not a huge headache that completely ruins one’s experience. Not including the voice- and video call and the logout issue are the only real inconveniences.

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