How to create a WhatsApp account without sim cards

Whatsapp not only is highly secure to user accounts with their activity log but also supports tips on how to create a Whatsapp account without SIM cards verification. 


Since the installation, to start using Whatsapp, users must create an account on the phone by confirming their SIM cards. It is the best way to get user’s information so that Whatsapp developers can easily manage and enhance security for their users.  

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Therefore, on the same phone, you cannot verify two Whatsapp accounts. If you are a smart user, you must know how to log in Whatsapp with two accounts on the same phone. To achieve that, you should know how to create a account on the app without SIM cards. This way requires users to install several fake applications to use Whatsapp without using a phone number. Let’s take a look at the methods below to know the issue and do it more easily.

How to create Whatsapp accounts without SIM cards

Option 1: Use Textnow app to create Whatsapp account without SIM cards

 For Android, iPhone, or Windows phones, after you download the Textnow App, you will receive a textnow number. This number will be used to creat Whatsapp accounts without SIM cards. 

Option 2: Use a fake app message on iPhone to create Whatsapp account without SIM cards

You can fake an App message on the iPhone to create Whatsapp accounts without SIM cards. This method is very simple. You will receive a verification code to set up Whatsapp in your email address from your phone numbers. 

Option 3: For Android devices, use Spoof Text App to create an account

 Android users must download Spoof Text App if they want to use Whatsapp application without verifying a SIM card. 

After the installation is complete, you will receive a wrong code from Whatsapp in your the email address from your phone numbers. This is also the best way for you to create a Whatsapp account on an Android phone without a SIM card. 

How to delete WhatsApp account without SIM cards?

In this case, you should send a message to the WhatsApp team. Remember to include the sentence “Lost/stolen:Deactivate my account”, in the body of the email, along with your phone number. Give these details with your country code. Also, remember to write your number exactly as you have it saved in your smartphone

How to restore WhatsApp account without SIM cards?

At the present, there is no exact way to do so. However, Apkafe will update the tips as soon as possible for you.

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