How to make Stone Bricks in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Stone Brick is one of the many building blocks that you can make or find. It’s also easy and quick to have one. Stone bricks can be mined using any pickaxe. If mined without a pickaxe, they drop nothing. Moreover, you can find them in structures, such as strongholds, igloo basements, jungle temples, and ocean ruins. From Stone Bricks, you can easily craft Cracked Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, and Chiseled Stone Brick. Today, we will learn how to make Stone Bricks as well as Cracked Stone Bricks in Minecraft.

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How to make Stone Bricks in Minecraft

Required materials

You will need 4 stones to make a Stone Bricks.

Stone: You can smelt Cobblestone or use a Silk Touch Pickaxe to have stones.

Steps to make Stone bricks

Step 1. Open your crafting table so that you have the 3×3 crafting grid.

How to make Stone Bricks in Minecraft 1

Step 2. Place 4 stones in a crafting table as the pattern shown below.

 Once you fill the crafting area with the correct pattern, the stone bricks will appear in the box to the right.

How to make Stone Bricks in Minecraft 2

Step 3. Finally, you need to move the new stone brick to your inventory.

How to make Stone Bricks in Minecraft 3
how do you make stone bricks in minecraft?

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How to make Cracked Stone Bricks

To make cracked Stone Bricks, you will need to fuel a Stone Bricks in furnace. Here is the instruction:

Step 1. Open the Furnace menu

Cracked Stone Brick

Step 2. Next, you need to add Stone Bricks and fuel to the furnace. You should see the flames cooking the stone bricks.

Cracked Stone Bricks

Step 3. Once the Stone Bricks is smelted in the furnace, the cracked stone bricks will appear in the box to the right. Now, you will have to move the Cracked Stone Bricks to your inventory.

Cracked Stone Bricks 2
how to make cracked stone bricks in minecraft

Congratulations, you have just learn how to make Stone Bricks and Cracked Stone Bricks in Minecraft!

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