How To Disable Ok Google On Android

How To Disable Ok Google On Android

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Using “Ok Google” to search or execute commands on your phone is a handy and cool feature. However, not everyone is into this feature. In this article, will guide you on how to disable “Ok Google” on Android or, we might say, how to disable Google Voice.
Every smartphone has the default Google App installed because this is how core Android devices work. First, you open the page containing apps and search for Google, then launch it.

In the Google app, click to three dashes in the top left corner. Click Settings.
In Settings, click Voice.

Click Ok Google detection in the second position.

Click the slider beside “Say Ok Google any time” to disable this feature.
Disable Say “Ok Google” any time.
It is done! Now, you are not bothered by Ok Google anymore.
You should notice that Ok Google will still work if you are in the Google app or on the home screen when using Google Now Launcher (currently interrupted) and there is no way to disable this function.

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