How To User Private Bay

How To User Private Bay

 The Internet is a place for people around the world to access information without limits. However, in some areas, there are blocked websites that we cannot access, such as Torrent and PirateBay. These sites share large information resources. However, some locations are blocked from access. To use these websites, we need a very simple tool called VPN (Virtual Private Network).  

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VPN is a virtual private network service that allows users to access the Internet with a private network. User data such as IP and location will be kept confidential through an encrypted form. Therefore, VPN is a tool to use PirateBay and Torrent websites without being restricted because the access location has been changed. 


For the time being, VPN is no longer an expensive solution. A lot of free VPN methods have been launched. Besides, paid VPN solutions will also have specific features suitable for advanced users due to the settings on the Router. The access to these solutions is possible through software, built into the browser or in Windows systems. 


The free VPN service works through the add-on of browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. The installation of Browsec is effortless. You only need to access the Browsec download address, then install it as a normal add-on browser. 

  With Browsec, you can convert your access location to other countries such as Netherlands, Singapore, UK, USA. For some European countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, you will need to pay an extra fee to become a Premium member. 

The connection toggle switch is clearly displayed for you to use it whenever you want with one click. 


It is tough for any browser to surpass Opera in integrating the VPN feature on the browser. Opera offers a free VPN service right from its browser. Users can switch access locations to the United States, Canada, the Netherlands to access Torrent and PirateBay websites. 

To use VPN on Opera, you need to open the browser, click Menu, select Settings. 

In the Settings section, select Privacy and security, choose Enable VPN. 

To install VPN, click on the VPN icon next to the address bar. From here, you can quickly turn on and off VPN as well as set the virtual location for VPN.  



This is the complete VPN solutions to ensure your privacy, including: 

– Information security to avoid leaking information from hackers, ISPs, or network supervisors. 

– Encrypt data completely according to AES 256 standard, even when you access public WiFi. 

– Alert mode: If the connection is interrupted, Tunnel Bear will block all unsecured connections until the link is smooth. 

– Quickly turn on and turn off VPN with just one click. 

– Support multiple platforms. 

– Support professional products. 


This is another popular VPN service in the world for the simple interface and optimized connection. It also supports users to warn malicious websites if users accidentally access them. Besides, the security options over WiFi and hiding IP address work very well. 

  Above are some solutions to help access simply blocked PirateBay and Torrent websites. Depending on your needs, you can choose free or paid solutions to access these websites and keep the information confidential easily. In addition to using a VPN, you can also hide your IP address to bypass firewalls by installing the Free Hide IP tool. 

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