Beacons are powerful structures that provide valuable benefits to players in Minecraft. Understanding how to build and activate beacons is essential for those looking for advanced abilities and effects in gameplay.

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What is a Beacon?

A beacon is a unique and significant structure in Minecraft that emanates a powerful beam of light into the sky. These beacons can provide beneficial status effects, known as “Beacon Effects,” to players in their vicinity. These effects range from increased speed and strength to improved health regeneration.

Crafting Beacon in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Beacon, a luminous beacon of power, grants players a significant advantage in Minecraft. But before you unleash its potential, you need to craft one. Here’s a comprehensive guide to crafting your own Beacon:


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  • 3 Obsidian Blocks: You’ll need to find or create Obsidian, formed when water touches lava. Use a Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe to mine it.
  • 5 Glass Blocks: Smelt sand in a furnace to create Glass Blocks.
  • 1 Nether Star: This is the trickiest component. Defeat the Wither boss, a powerful three-headed skeleton summoned by placing four Soul Sand in a T-shape and placing a skull wither on top. Killing the Wither drops the Nether Star.


Crafting Steps:

beacon minecraft-apk

  1. Open the Crafting Table.
  2. Place the 3 Obsidian Blocks in a vertical column in the central column of the crafting grid (center square, the square above it, and the square below it).
  3. Place the Glass Block in the top left, top right, and bottom left squares of the crafting grid.
  4. Place the Nether Star in the center square of the crafting grid.
  5. Drag the crafted Beacon from the right-hand result slot into your inventory.


Additional Tips:

  • Make sure you have enough resources before attempting to fight the Wither, as it can be challenging.
  • Consider using a bow and arrows or powerful potions for added safety during the Wither fight.
  • You can find alternative ways to obtain a Nether Star, such as exploring Nether Fortresses or trading with Piglins in the Barter District of a Bastion remnant.


How Many Blocks for a Full Beacon?

How Many Blocks for a Full Beacon minecraft-apk

To create a full-powered beacon with all available effects, a pyramid must be constructed using iron, gold, emerald, or netherite blocks. A full beacon pyramid requires a base layer of 9 blocks, a second layer of 25 blocks, a third layer of 49 blocks, and a top layer of a single beacon block. In total, this adds up to 84 blocks to create a fully functional beacon pyramid.

Beacon in Minecraft Mega Base:

Mega bases in Minecraft are testaments to creativity, dedication, and resourcefulness. But beyond impressive aesthetics, incorporating Beacons can elevate your base to a whole new level, offering strategic and practical benefits. Here’s how Beacons can be integrated into your mega base:

Strategic Advantages:

  • Defense: Enhance your base’s defense with strategically placed Beacons. Utilize Resistance to bolster your defenses against attackers, Regeneration to help defenders recover quickly, and Haste to facilitate rapid movement within your base.
  • Offense: If your base is geared towards offensive operations, Strength and Haste can be invaluable assets, allowing your team to deal more damage and move swiftly during raids or expeditions.

Practical Enhancements:

  • Efficiency: Optimize resource gathering and construction with the Haste effect. Mine resources faster and build structures efficiently, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Exploration: Beacons can be placed strategically around your base to grant Speed and Jump Boost effects, facilitating easier exploration and navigation within your sprawling mega base.

Creative Integration:

  • Aesthetics: Utilize Beacons as decorative elements, adding vibrant light sources and visual interest to your base’s architecture. Experiment with different Beacon effects for unique color-changing displays.
  • Hidden Beacons: Conceal Beacons within your base’s structure or hidden rooms, offering surprise defense buffs or secret escape routes enhanced with Speed or Jump Boost.


  • Pyramid Construction: To activate a Beacon, you’ll need a pyramid base built beneath it. Choose materials that complement your base’s aesthetic and consider the space available for constructing the pyramid.
  • Resource Management: Crafting and activating Beacons requiresrequire significant resources. Plan and optimize resource allocation to ensure you have enough materials for construction and ongoing maintenance.
  • Location and Coverage: Strategically place Beacons to ensure their effects cover essential areas of your base. Consider overlapping multiple Beacons for enhanced coverage, but be mindful of resource usage.

How to Activate a Beacon in Minecraft:

How to Activate a Beacon in Minecraft-apk

  • Defeat the Wither:

Obtain a Nether Star by defeating the Wither boss. This formidable foe requires three wither skeleton skulls and soul sand to summon.

  • Gather Materials:

Collect Obsidian, Glass, and the Nether Star. The amount of Obsidian and Glass depends on the size of the beacon pyramid you intend to build.

  • Build the Beacon Pyramid:

Construct a pyramid using the gathered materials. The base of the pyramid should be a 3×3 square, and each subsequent layer should increase in size, maintaining the pyramid shape.

  • Place the Nether Star:

Once the pyramid is complete, place the Nether Star in the center of the top layer.

  • Activate Beacon Effects:

Upon successful activation, the beacon will emit a beam of light, and players within its radius can access powerful status effects by placing an Iron, Gold, Emerald, or Netherite ingot into the beacon interface.

👍 Note:

  • Beacon effect only works in the most defined area.
  • The degree of effect depends on the pyramid level and the type of free material used.
  • Beacons can be destroyed by quests or mobs.

Beacon Pyramid Types and Effects:

Beacon Pyramid Types and Effects - apk

Beacon Pyramid Materials:

  • Iron: Basic and most common material.
  • Gold: More powerful than iron, but less common.
  • Diamond: Most powerful and efficient material, but requires a lot of diamonds.

Pyramid Levels and Effects:

  • Level 1: 3×3 base, provides 1 effect.
  • Level 2: 5×5 base, provides 2 effects.
  • Level 3: 7×7 base, provides 3 effects.
  • Level 4: 9×9 base, provides 4 effects.

Beacon Effects:

  • Haste: Increases mining speed.
  • Resistance: Reduces damage taken.
  • Strength: Increases attack damage.
  • Speed: Increases movement speed.
  • Jump Boost: Increases jumping height.
  • Regeneration: Regenerates health over time.
  • Invisibility: Makes the player invisible for a short time.
  • Fire Resistance: Makes the player immune to fire damage.
  • Water Breathing: Allows the player to breathe underwater.

Choosing the Right Pyramid Material:

Choosing the Right Pyramid Material - apk

  • Iron: Suitable for early game or short-term use.
  • Gold: Good balance between power and efficiency for mid-game.
  • Diamond: Ideal for late-game players who want maximum power and efficiency.


Using Beacons Effectively:


  • Haste: Mine through walls quickly to reach enemies.
  • Strength: Deal more damage to enemies.
  • Resistance: Take less damage from enemies.
  • Regeneration: Heal yourself during battle.


  • Haste: Mine resources faster.
  • Speed: Travel around the world quickly.
  • Jump Boost: Reach high places easily.
  • Water Breathing: Explore underwater without drowning.

Beacon Placement:

  • Place in a central location for maximum coverage.
  • Protect from enemies and explosions.
  • Consider placing near frequently visited areas.


Advanced Beacon Tips and Tricks:

  • Multiple Beacons: Combine effects for even greater benefits.
  • Potion Effects: Combine with potion effects for powerful synergies.
  • Redstone: Automate the activation of beacon effects.
  • Hidden Beacons: Conceal beacons to protect them from enemies.
  • Transport Beacons: Use speed effect to quickly travel through Nether or End.


Activating a beacon in Minecraft is a hallmark of achievement, showcasing your dedication and skill. This journey, filled with challenges and rewards, not only enhances your gameplay with essential powers but also marks your territory with a radiant symbol of success.

Minecrafters, it’s time to embark on the quest for beacon activation. Gather your resources, conquer the challenges, and let your beacon shine as a testament to your mastery. Share your triumphs and constructions, and inspire fellow adventurers. Let’s illuminate our worlds together—activate your beacon and make your mark!

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