How to get Bees in Minecraft: Beehives, Bee Farms and honeycomb explained

Ready to explore the buzzing world of Minecraft bees? Dive in and start your beekeeping adventure today!

Ready to explore the buzzing world of Minecraft bees? Dive in and start your beekeeping adventure today!

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What is a Beehive and What does it do in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a beehive serves as a home for bees, where they store honey and raise their young. Discover the importance of beehives and how they contribute to the ecosystem of the game.

How to find and get bees in Minecraft

To find and get bees in Minecraft, follow these steps:

1. Explore Flower-Filled Biomes

Bees can typically be found in flower-filled biomes such as flower forests, sunflower plains, and plains. These biomes are abundant with various flowers that attract bees.

2. Look for Bee Nests

Keep an eye out for bee nests attached to trees in flower-filled biomes. Bee nests are small, hexagonal structures usually found hanging from oak or birch trees.

3. Use Silk Touch

If you come across a bee nest, you can use a tool enchanted with Silk Touch to collect it without angering the bees. Silk Touch prevents the nest from breaking and releases the bees unharmed.

4. Gather Bees

Once you’ve obtained a bee nest, you can collect bees by using a tool or by breaking the nest. However, breaking the nest will anger the bees, so it’s advisable to use Silk Touch or approach with caution.

5. Craft Beehives

With your acquired bees, you can craft beehives using wood planks and honeycomb. Place the beehive in a suitable location, preferably near flowers, to attract and house the bees.

6. Lure Bees with Flowers

To encourage bees to enter the beehive, plant flowers nearby. Bees are naturally attracted to flowers and will fly into the beehive to pollinate them.

7. Use a Lead

If you’re having trouble transporting bees to your desired location, you can use a lead (also known as a leash) to guide them. Attach the lead to the bee and lead them to the beehive.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to find and gather bees in Minecraft, allowing you to establish your own beekeeping operation and enjoy the benefits of honey and honeycomb production.

Beehive and Bee Nest: What’s the difference?

In Minecraft, beehives and bee nests serve as homes for bees, but they have some distinct differences:

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1. Beehive

  • Crafted Structure: Beehives are man-made structures that players can craft using wood planks and honeycomb.
  • Harvesting Honey: Beehives can be harvested for honey and honeycomb using shears or bottles. Harvesting honey from a beehive does not anger the bees inside.
  • Location: Beehives can be placed by players wherever they choose, making them convenient for setting up bee farms.
  • Stability: Beehives are more stable than bee nests and won’t fall if the tree they’re attached to is destroyed.

2. Bee Nest

  • Natural Structure: Bee nests are naturally generated structures found hanging from oak or birch trees in certain biomes.
  • No Honey Harvesting: Unlike beehives, bee nests cannot be harvested for honey or honeycomb. Breaking a bee nest will cause the bees inside to become aggressive.
  • Limited Placement: Bee nests cannot be moved or relocated by players. They are fixed in their original location on the tree.
  • Vulnerability: Since bee nests are attached to trees, they are vulnerable to destruction if the tree is cut down or destroyed.

Overall, while both beehives and bee nests provide shelter for bees, beehives offer players more control and versatility for honey production and beekeeping operations, while bee nests are natural structures that cannot be moved or harvested for honey.

How to make a Beehive

To make a beehive in Minecraft, follow these steps:

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1. Gather Materials

  • You will need six honeycombs and three wood planks of any type.
  • Honeycomb can be obtained by harvesting honey from a beehive using shears or bottles.

2. Crafting the Beehive

  • Open the crafting table interface.
  • Arrange the materials in the crafting grid in the following pattern:

H  H  H


H  H  H

  • “H” represents honeycomb, and “W” represents wood planks.
  • Ensure the honeycomb is placed in the top and bottom rows, while the wood planks fill the middle row.
  • Crafting the items in this pattern will yield one beehive.

3. Collect the Beehive

  • Once crafted, the beehive will appear in the result box of the crafting table.
  • Drag the beehive into your inventory to collect it.

4. Placing the Beehive

  • Select the beehive from your inventory.
  • Choose a suitable location to place the beehive. Beehives work best when placed near flowers, as they attract bees.
  • Right-click or tap on the ground to place the beehive.

5. Attracting Bees

  • Once the beehive is placed, bees will be attracted to it if there are flowers nearby.
  • Bees will enter the beehive to pollinate flowers and produce honey.

How to harvest Honey and Honeycomb at a Bee Farm

1. Prepare Your Equipment

  • Before harvesting honey and honeycomb, ensure you have the necessary equipment. You will need a tool enchanted with Silk Touch

2. Approach the Beehive

  • Locate the bee farm where you’ve set up your beehives. Approach the beehive or beehives you wish to harvest from.

3. Check Bee Activity

  • Observe the activity around the beehive to determine if it’s the right time to harvest. Bees are most active during the day when the weather is clear. Avoid harvesting at night or during rainstorms, as bees will be less active and may become aggressive.

4. Harvesting Honeycomb

  • Use your tool enchanted with Silk Touch to carefully harvest honeycomb from the beehive. Right-click or tap on the beehive with the tool to collect the honeycomb without angering the bees.
  • Each harvested beehive will yield a honeycomb, which can be used for crafting or trading.

5. Collecting Honey

  • After harvesting honeycomb, you can also collect honey from the beehive. Use a glass bottle on the beehive to collect honey. Right-click or tap on the beehive with an empty glass bottle to fill it with honey.
  • Be cautious not to disturb the bees too much during this process to avoid angering them.

This comprehensive guide equips you with all the knowledge you need to become a successful beekeeper in Minecraft. With these tips and tricks, you’ll soon be enjoying the sweet rewards of your own buzzing empire!

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Masters of Minecraft, securing bees in your world opens up a realm of possibilities, from constructing buzzing beehives to initiating thriving bee farms. These industrious little creatures not only add life to your Minecraft experience but also provide valuable resources like honey and honeycomb. Understanding the ins and outs of bee farming is not just about resource gathering; it’s about creating a harmonious environment where nature and your ambitions coexist. Embrace the journey of beekeeping, and let the sweet rewards enhance your Minecraft adventures.

Ready to start your bee adventure? Get out there, build your beehives, and watch your gardens grow! Share your buzzing bee farms and sweet successes with fellow players. Let’s make our Minecraft worlds buzz with life!

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